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The Brick vs Focusrite Platinum preamps (Octopre, etc)

Anyone have experience with both Focusrite's Platinum range preamps (Octopre, Voicemaster) and The Brick? How do they stack up? Has anyone compared The Brick to a VTB-1? (I assume at $100 the VTB-1 lands in that budget category of "sounds okay, but nothing special"). Any insight would be appreciated.


moonbaby Tue, 09/26/2006 - 14:01
The Brick is the only "real" professional preamp you have listed. I realize that there are those out there who have the Platinum series products and like them. More power to them! But, IMHO, in my experiences, they are not very good quality. Certainly not up to their namesake of Focusrite. I had a Voicemaster and the thing was a bunch of flashing LEDs, but a rather "smeared" sound texture I didn't care for.I would say that the VTB-1 has as good a preamp in it as the Platinums.
Now, as far as The Brick is concerned, those are a great deal! They work well with mic'ed-up amps, bass, keys, horns, snare, and vocals-whenever you want a bit of "attitude". And the build quality is very good compared to the others. I have a pair of them and used them side-by-side with my old Neve Melbourne (now gone :cry: ). A true value.