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Data Transfer Noise

Just moved to a new place and all of a sudden all my microphones have a weird computerized beeping sound that I can only describe as sounding like some sort of data transfer.

Recording classical in studio (on a budget)

Hello all!  I am new here and have not been in the music business or in a studio in decades.  I have been recording my songs (pop/rock/blues) on my home digital studio for years (BOSS BR-1180)...    But now my daughter is composing contemporary classical pieces (think Philip Glass) and it is time to record them.  She has written a Cello and Violin part to a couple of songs.  I have questions th

Home PA speaker for use with a looper pedal and mixer

Hey everyone, 

I'm hoping for a little bit of your knowledge. 

I have a performance setup in my living room, where I record on my looper pedal and practice stage performance. 

I need a beautiful pa speaker that will not look horrid in the room for my wife!

Something that will receive a stereo input, but within one cab (so stereo speakers but in one box)

Any singing recording app?

Hey guys! I've been singing professionally for more than 15 years and I finally decided to start my TikTok profile with singing covers, etc. However, I noticed that it' still better to have your vocals pre-recorded than singing it live. I don't have any professional microphone, but I heard that you can get a pretty decent recording just using your smartphone.

Going for an anthemic kind of vibe with this guitar-based instrumental..

Hi everyone,

I've been recording this track over the last week or so. Used my Tele for all guitar sounds; EZ Drummer for drums, EZBass for bass (I know... my bass guitar is very scratchy) and various plugins for keys and strings..

I guess I was going for an anthemic kind of sound.


Write a song for FREEDOM inspired from this content

Political content…

Have a listen to this video (all the way through) and write a song based around its content. If you are not a songwriter then maybe you could be an inspiration towards producing or recording content like this. People are starving for hope. Wake people up!


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