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[Ableton] Is there a way to keep plugin windows from opening automatically when I import an effect r

I created an audio effect rack out of some 3rd-party plugins and I throw it on a lot of instruments. Whenever I pull it out of my browser and onto a track, all of and only the 3rd-party plugin windows open automatically which is unneeded and annoying.

I hate having to close all the windows one by one. Is there a way to keep them from popping up?

I've ensured they are all closed when I save the rack preset.


Problem sending midi notes to external hardware in Ableton Live 9 Suite

I want to use Ableton Live 9 Suite to play some background tracks while performing live.
One track is configured to send midi notes to an external drum machine. This drum machine have a built in bass line that plays through a bass amp. I'm just interested in the bass line, wich is triggered on channel 8 of Ableton (and other sequencers).

Ableton 9 live Korg Krome midi problem


There is something I don't understand and I wonder if anyone could help me out?

I have Ableton 9 live, a Korg Krome and a focusrite 18i8.

Everything is connected as it should, an usb cable from the Korg to the computer and a midi cable coming out from the Korg going in to the focusrite and two audio-cables coming out of the Krome into the focusrite. I have no problem in recording audio from the Krome into Ableton.

Pro Tools vs Ableton: why so many differences in their methodology?

hello everyone. i am a newbie into daw and audio production, but more used with way of be.
recently in my town i have decided to look for a intern job in a big studio we have here. there they use only Pro Tools. so i went study a little of it, installed and everything. then i realize that pro tools has a very old school method of production.

i am comparing Pro Tools 10.3.7 or Pro Tools Express 10.3.4 versus Abelton Live 9.1.7, always using Windows environment.

Ableton Live Video

I was turned onto Ableton Live years back and never thought much of it. It took some convincing before I took a second glance at it then to my surprise, I realized it was a lot more than meets the eye.
Its often perceived as a more electronic music choice but its also a very useful for constructing and arranging fast. The control pad is really helpful. I know engineers who use it as an extension to their existing DAW. Its also excellent for Remixing.

Without going on, maybe its of interests. Check it out

Ableton live vocal processing (advice needed)

Hi there. We decided to move on to ableton for live processing vocals on stage. We found that ableton provides many effects which can be used in many different ways. Currently we've got Ableton 9, Line 6 digital wifi mic and NI AUDIO KONTROL 1 sound card. Everything is ok in my home studio, but once we go in the club and plug in our gear in the sound system we have alot of feedback. I can see that mic's low frequency is major problem, so I cut them down a bit, but then the vocals sound non-naturally. Then I found this video

MixWizard 14:4:2 and Ableton Live 9, need help!

So here are the deets. I have my MixWizard 4 (with USB installation) hooked up to my laptop, my laptop has enough space to run Ableton 9 just fine. I am sort of a noob to this setup having had ProTools for so long and wanted to try a new program to do live sampling. My latency is just horrid, I can adjust it but can get max 9ms from board to laptop. Not happy. Is there latency magic I must perform to get my mixer to send it quickly or am I doomed to the USB 2.0 side effects? :eek: