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There is something I don't understand and I wonder if anyone could help me out?

I have Ableton 9 live, a Korg Krome and a Focusrite 18i8.

Everything is connected as it should, an usb cable from the Korg to the computer and a midi cable coming out from the Korg going in to the Focusrite and two audio-cables coming out of the Krome into the focusrite. I have no problem in recording audio from the Krome into Ableton.

I just thought it would be nice to for example take a sound or instrument of Ableton and play it with the Krome and also put all the effects of the Krome on the chosen sound.

I tried this and this is working when I press the Arp-button on the Krome on the chosen sound in Ableton plays following this Arp and it reponds on the four knobs to control the settings of the Arp.

But it's not responding on the tone-knobs, neither on the tone adjust parameters or the effects yoy can put on a sound in Krome.

Any ideas how I get all this to work on the sounds in Ableton?




DM60 Mon, 06/01/2015 - 05:37

If I understand the question correctly, if you are trying to get your Krome to control Ableton, you may need to map your controllers to the knobs you are wanting to use.

As pc stated, your controller has no sounds, so everything has to run from Krome controller->MIDI->Interface->Ableton->VSTi->Interface->connected speakers or headphones.

Hope this helps.

DM60 Mon, 06/01/2015 - 06:42

pcrecord, post: 429490, member: 46460 wrote: DM60 : OP says :

All you say is valid but the OP wants to apply Krome effects on ableton sounds. To my knowledge, it can't be done...

I was under the impression that it was just a controller (I didn't look it up, my bad) and it is not a MIDI problem ;). You're right, without a way to get the sound back to the keyboard, OP is out of luck.

But OP, I can't imagine you couldn't find the equivalent VST for Ableton. Usually the reason a keyboard doesn't have sound routing back from a computer, it isn't needed. With all the options you have between your keyboard and Ableton, you might want to re-think the problem. Since Ableton is intended for live use, just get the effect you want and learn how to trigger it from your keyboard and incorporate Ableton into your sound.

DonnyThompson Thu, 02/18/2016 - 01:29

GuidoPa, post: 436450, member: 49085 wrote: If the arpergiator and drumtrack of the Krome can play the notes of an instrument in Ableton than it has to be possible to use the other effects also, no?

Only if those effects reside as audio in another device, or software program.

Midi doesn't send or receive audio - of any kind, FX, Samples, Preset Patches... none of those things. Midi is a "trigger" that "tells" another device what to do.

Accordingly, if you are using a controller with no built-in sounds or audio output, then all that controller is meant to do is to send binary note-on / note-off information via midi, or USB ... it's just binary data, no different than the alpha-numeric keyboard you type on when you are at your computer.

You have to connect it to something that will translate that data - or "trigger" - the audio in another device.

That device could be an external synth module, or a drum machine, or even a VSTi ( "soft synth") in a DAW program like Ableton.



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