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Cello and Piano Mics for small room

I am recording cello and piano in a small-medium size room that is too bright and live acoustically - I can't really treat it except to put a blanket under the piano.

What mic setup would you all recommend? I always used X-Y stereo on 2 small diaphragm cardoid mics and a large diaphram cardoid as spot mic up close (6 inches).

Would that work or the room work against me being too live? How to tame the room - only close mics, or putting the X-Y much closer like 2 ft high and far?

Advice on renting space for a recording studio

hey y'all, as one who really hates renting and credit etc, I'm usually opposed to this type of thing but it seems a good deal. I was looking at a 9x9 in the same facility for $150. The manager called yesterday with this opening up next month.

$200/mo. No lease, just security deposit.

15x20 space, 10' ceilings.


Fingerprint security

Heat/Ac/electricity/T1 internet

Here's the places website.

Long story abridged-

Microphone/preamp upgrade questions.

Hi guys,
Here's a gear question: Is a RODE NT2A a big step up from an AUDIO TECHNICA AT2020 as far as sound quality? If I want to track in stereo, does a pair of mics aimed toward that end such as the AKG perception 107s work better than if I simply buy a second AT2020 (that is mostly for stereo acoustic guitar and drum ohs) ? How can I figure out if the mic preamps that I'm using are too cheap for my mics or vice-versa? What pays off more in the long run: upgrading the mic preamps/interface, upgrading to a better sounding mic, or upgrading to a more versatile mic?

Wrapping acoustic panels in thin plastic wrap?


I am building some acoustic panels to hang on my wall and ceiling and as I have a dust allergy I want to make sure they are totally contained and can not leak dust through fabric. (I have not decided yet whether to build these from 2 inch 703 or 8lb density 2 inch rockwool panels.)

But whichever one I choose I will be wrapping the acoustic material in a thin .31 mm painters polyethylene sheeting from home depot. My plan was then to layer the front of this with some polyester batting and then wrap the entire panel is a soft polyester 110z velour fabric.

microphone to record a violin?

Ok so I play a lot and would love to record. Recording is also great for practice. However there are SO many different types of microphones from large diaphragm condensers to tube mics to ribbon mics and it gets overwhelming. I am looking for something that will sound closest to whatever Perlman uses. I have a fairly small room to record in that I could load with acoustic foam if it helps. Should I just rent expensive Royers whenever I want to record? Will they make that much of a difference?

Help! My violin tracks are killing my ears.

I just got these violin tracks from a remote recordist. They obviously weren't recorded in the most ideal way, and I'm trying to figure out whether they will be useable or if they will need to be re-tracked.

The problem with them is that they're harsh as hell and make my ears hurt within two minutes of listening. That doesn't give me a lot of time to play around with them and try to figure out how to treat them so that I can listen further and keep working with them.