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Annoying junk mail - now Adobe passing on their email addresses

I've got a catchall email address on one of my sites and I now use this for all my new signups where I have to give email addresses - and I use the people I sign up with's name in the email. I've just started getting junk mail address to - as in Adobe Creative Cloud. So it's easy to see who is selling email addresses.

Strange problem with Adobe Audition

Hey guys,

Posting here because I'm out of answers and could use some help. I'll try to keep it as short as I can.

I've been running XP on the DAW I built 10 years ago with nary a problem. Rock solid. I have a $1,000 software licence on it from AudioTX that I will lose if I change any hardware, like the HD or MoBo - so that's why the unit is so old.

cant record correctly in adobe audition

Hi, I am running audition on a laptop with windows 7 and a realtek audio card, when I record with windows 3.0, the sound fades out and in constantly and has latency, when using asio4all, I get a very loud background hiss, and when using realtek asio, it says my device is unavailable, what should I do?

ADOBE CS2 is now abandonware. IE: FREE!

Just got this on facebook and yes it's real. Adobe has released Creative Suite 2 as freely downloadable.

[Updated] Have an Older Computer? Download Adobe CS2 Premium Plus for Free | Fstoppers

If you are using an older computer this means you get Adobe Audition for Free. GET TO IT!…"]Adobe - CS2 Downloads[/]="…"]Adobe - CS2 Downloads[/]

Connect Zoom R16 wiuth Adobe Audtion 5.5

Hello There. First time posting here. I'm sure it won't be my last either... :P I searched the forum first to see if I could find some answers but couldn't find anything.

I have just bought a new laptop, mics, a Zoom R16 and obtained adobe audition 5.5.

I have been spending HOURS to try and get the Zoom to work with Audition so I can use it for multitrack recording. I want to mic up a band and have each mic go through the zoom and in to audition. But I can't get it to work.

Could anyone please help me to do this before my girlfriend leaves me!

Zoom R16 Adobe Audition CS5.5

Previously, I was using my Tascam US-1641 as an interface for my computer to record various projects. My only issue with the Tascam was that I hated adjusting the volume of the audio using the knobs on the interface. I picked up a used Zoom R16 because I liked the idea of using the sliders as opposed to the knobs to adjust the volume of a recording input. The only issue is that the sliders do not adjust the volume of the sound from within Audition (during recording). Is this possible? Am I missing something obvious?

multiple instruments recording simultaneously with Adobe audition

Hi all,
I need to record vocal and piano live, both tracks at the same time. I have an external soundcard (EMU 0404) which has only 2 inputs, which means that both vocal and piano is mono. so I thought to connect the soundcard to the mixer and I plugged the mic and the keyboard to the mixer. In Adobe audition this time if I press the record button in 2 tracks, both tracks record both instruments. Could anyone help me what I need to change in the settings or connections so that the software could separate the channels in the mixer, so both piano and vocal would be separated?

Adobe Audition CS5.5 and M-Audio Keystudio Midi help

I need help. I bought these two items because I thought they looked easy to use. Problem is I can't seem to figure out how to access the Midi Keyboard through Audition CS5.5. I'm trying to create a podcast and I have a few nerd video game music mashups i wish to work on this summer. can anyone help me please? :confused:

Adobe SoundBooth

Hey guys, instead of using garage band or Pro-Tools, I am using Adobe Soundbooth in conjunction with a ProFire 610 and a Neumann TLM-102.

The Soundbooth CS4 program works fine with the Profire 610, it is recognized. However, a friend of mine whom I am giving the sound files to work on is using AVID's Pro Tools. What is the best lossless file format I can save in Adobe Soundbooth in order to retain the highest Audio quality?