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AKG 451 plus CK-8 Short Shotgun


I read something today in the old products section of the AKG website on the old CK-8 capsule for the 451 preamp. I knew I had one of these inside a zepplin windshield in the store, but hadn't done anything much with it since I had other shotguns. What made me think was that AKG noted it's use on hand held vocals, where it was good at reducing popping.

AKG 451E and P48 ? Any known issues?

Anyone on this forum own AKG 451E or EB? I'm having a very strange problem and I can't figure out what's going on. I'm occasionally hired to do 2 track recordings of recitals and small local bands, and when I'm not multitracking I sometimes hit the club and throw up a couple of mics to record bands that my friends play in.


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