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analog recording

Is SSl 2+ 4K Audio recording any good

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2 months

Thinking about investing on SSl 2+ for 4K audio recording need your opinion on whether or not its good enough or are there any other brand that is better at the 4K recording in reasonable price. any  help will be appreciated 

Thank you

Ps: Buying it from a store near me…

Webinar this September: Recording Music Using a Multitrack Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder

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The subject of our next webinar, on aspects of tape and reel-to-reel recorders, is recording using a multitrack tape recorder. From 4 to 24 tracks tape is back in the studio, so we at Reel Resilience thought we'd better talk about it! More information about the webinar, who we are at Reel Resilience and how to book, can be found here. Love to see you attend.

Le Studio Marco Primeau


Le Studio Marco Primeau

I started to do audio work 38 years ago for live shows and never stopped. Althought my main job is an IT technician, I still enjoy recording, mixing and mastering music, voice over and publicity. 

I built my actual little studio slowly but I'm glad to say it pays off to take your time and get better and better. 

Using 16 highend preamps for a total of 22 digital inputs on a solid RME backbone, I'm pleased to be able to accomodate most projects including bands. I'm also able to offer 6 personnalised headphone mixes to help musicians feeling right at home. 

Analog Recording with a Tascam 424 mark III

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9 months

Trying to find instructions for analog recording online has been a dead end for me so I’m reaching out here.

My set up is simple:
Mic’d guitar
And mic’d vocal
Goes into Midas DM12 mixer
(All the basic outs are used for PA)

Then I have a Tascam 424 mark III four track recorder and I want to capture this “mix” from the remaining RECORD OUT RCA connection that goes into my Tascam SUB INPUT RCA input.

Define Analog Recording

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21 years 2 months

Man, have I been slightly off here. I mean, I have always thought when stating I love analog, I'm understood that its "using" nice outboard analog gear "in combination" with a DAW system = Hybrid also. To me it just doesn't mean recording to TAPE.

But, searching for info on analog, I'm now thinking the reason I have received much negativity when talking about how I am into analog, could it be the majority are thinking analog solely means "Tape" and I am stating that I think tape is the better of the two for recording music today?

Simple analog recording setup idea's?

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14 years 11 months

I recently got a Tascam Portastudio 424 MKIII and am wanting to put together a "decent" sounding finished product. (of course I'm coming in with low expectations here ...I know I'm in the dinosaur ages even using tape but I'm kind of aiming for something with an older sound, quality-wise) I have a Peavey XR6006 PA (400 watt 2X200) and two JBL JRX 100 speakers. I have no actual monitors, and was planning to try to work out a configuration that my PA speakers could serve that purpose. I did this once with a less expensive Tascam four track and was somewhat pleased with my results.