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Warm Audio announced API 312 style preamp!

Oh man oh man, this could be good. Fingers crossed. @$1199 it's excellent per channel cost, got input And output xformers, and also an an output knob per channel, which could be useful when not only for good gain staging, but especially if these trannys overdrive pleasantly. Plus the op amps are easily swappable. If I'm dreaming I don't wanna wake up!

Re assemble some API 312's...where to find an original 75101

I have two 2520's and one original Jensen 75101 but In need one more as well as a pair of 2164 or 2503. not sure havent tallied the job and pieces all yet, just started last night. I like the idea of vintage pieces as opposed to new. That might be a mistake and feel free to correct me if I am wrong...Anyway, had a great time racking in the past.

So you want to build an API 312?

The circuit is extremely simple, and all of the parts can be purchased... For the output transformer, you have 2 options. Either buy them for $50 from Dan Alexander Audio (dont know if he has any or how many he has), or get a group order together and get them for about $20 - $25 (from the original manufacturer)depending on shipping costs etc...