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apogee rosetta

Anybody use Apogee Rosetta 800?

I'm considering one, but I have a small question...

Does the Rosetta 800 feature 8 Ins AND 8 Outs (for a total of 16 simultaneous channels) or is it 8 Ins OR 8 Outs (a total of 8)? This is not listed very clearly anywhere on the web and it's definitely having an effect on my decision to purchase or not. If it's the former then that's amazing value for money, but I'm starting to think it may unfortunately be the former.

Can anybody clear this up?

Apogeerosetta 200? or room treatment?

I've been doing quite a lot of research and read lots of recording forums from different sites about the Apogee Rosetta 200 that i was thinking about purchasing it as my next gear purchase.

Well, first off here's my gear list:

OS: Windows XP SP2
Interface: DIGI 02R running Pro Tools 7
Monitors: EVENT ASP8 with Aurolex Mopads and Mackie Big Knob
Preamp: UA-610/Focusrite Octopre (thinking about selling this one)
Mic: RØDE K2
Plugins and Softsynths: Waves/Antares/Native Intruments/Spectrasonics

Rosetta 200 Vs M-Audio FireWire 410

I'm currently using M-Audio FireWire 410 as the audio interface as well as A/D converter with my MacBook Pro.
In a couple of days I'll begin using Mac Pro in place of MacBook Pro.
Currently I'm having "brain freezes" with my FireWire 410 at least a few times a day, when the sound no longer flows through the interface. In some cases, the only solution is to reboot the laptop.
I've been looking to use Rosetta 200 instead of FireWire 210 with the new Mac Pro desktop.
Will this change bring me more stability.

MOTU 192HD, Mackie onyx 1200f, or Rosetta 800 ?

hey, I recently have been looking to upgrade my converter. i currently have a MOTU 2408mk3. talking to the great guys at sweet water they have suggested 3 cards to me. the Apogee rosetta 800, the Mackie Onyx 1200f, and the MOTU 192hd. all are within my budget but i dont know the best to go for. I mostly Record Metal, and rap(bleh). i have a PreSonus digimax96k preamp and Great River 1nv.

From what i've read the Mackie onyx 1200f comes packed with extra things for its price and seems very appitizing

Rosetta 200 or Mytek96 ADC & Benchmark DAC1?

hi guys. i'm looking to upgrade my converters. I was kind of sure I wanted a Rosetta 200 (instead of RME ADI2 which was my original pick) but now I'm wondering if it would be better to get a Mytek96 ADC combined with Benchmark DAC1.

I also don't have a good quality volume monitoring so was hoping the DAC1 would give me a little bit of that (although you can't switch between headphones and monitors)... wheras Rosetta 200 doesnt have any volume knob. (So would probably need something like Coleman)

So which of the two options would you choose and why?

Question Apogeerosetta 200 & Benchmark dac-1 for master

I'm trying to set up as goos a monitoring chain as possible since living in a condo I'm a bit restricted to limited speaker monitoring.

At the end of my analog outboard gear chain, my last compressor (TUBE TECHLCA 2B will be going into an ApogeeRosetta I just bought which will go into my Tascam DV RA-1OOO. I just got a Benchmark dac-1 connect to the Apogeesince the Apogeedoesn't have a headphone jack for my Sennheiser 650 but I'm getting confused...

2 channels of AD/DA: Rosetta 200 or RME ADI-2?

i'm in the process of shopping for an external converter. My budget is under $2000. (lavrys are too expensive for me right now, myteks - i don't want to run into customer service type of issues if ever i have problems in the future) so my choice kinda boiled down to either rosetta 200 or RME ADI-2. rosetta is $1800 whereas RME ADI2 is $700. Opinionsas to the quality of conversion + internal clocks of those two devices? Is rosetta 200 worth the $1000 extra? i.e. are those 2 converters very close in quality or is the Rosetta really a step up from the RME?

Apogee Ensemble Converters compared to Rosetta 800

Hey Fellow Audio Geeks!

Thought some of you may be interested in the comparison of Apogees' new Ensemble to the Rosetta.

I A/B's the two with the same track using Digital Performer sending the two tracks one to the Ensemble and one to the Rosetta. I used Mutt Langs' mix of his wife's song 'She's Not Just a Pretty Face'.