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apollo quad

Apollo quad firewire interface. Taking the plunge!

I've taken the plunge... I found a Apollo Quad firewire going for only £1290 on ebay, 8 mths old like new. I figure since I am not going to spend an awful lot more these days, that's going to be a BIG upgrade from my MOTU Traveller MK3, along with the fact I also have the UAD2 Quad PCIe card in my Mac Pro already. Also, down the track, I can fit a Thunderbolt interface into the Apollo if wanted :D.

Behringer x touch for pt11/Mac quad/apollo rig?

Hey, all. My cousin is looking for a control surface for his rig. He had a digi command 8 which went with his old system. This looks pretty decent for the price. 3 year warranty, is reasonable, if it lasts the whole 3 years, he get his money's worth. Otherwise it would be an artist mix, so far. Still snooping, but this caught my eye with its price and feature set.



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