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How to add drum beats to Audacity?

I'm a professional https://sikksounds… drum beat maker and I use Audacity to record my guitar compositions. I'd like to add drums to the mix for some very simple demos. I'm not sure how I'd go about doing this. Other software packages (GarageBand, Pro Tools, etc.) might be better for this, but every time I look at something else, the notion of learning how to use it overwhelms me.

Issues Recording Voice using Audacity and/or Abelton Live Lite

How's it going, fellas?

For my vocal sessions (usually speaking) I'm currently using a Focusrite 2i2 and a Boya PVM-1000 mic. The interface is plugged directly into my laptop.

I have my Youtube channel going and all, but the audio is trash when I'm in my "studio" recording. I have gone through many searches when using Audacity. "normalize sound", "bass and treble", "compression". The audio still comes out SUPER "tinny" and "digital" sounding. I'm trying to find a solution.

Recording Synth output to Audacity quality issues

Hi All, I was hoping someone could assist with this issue or direct me to a thread that already explains the issue i am having. I am modeling sounds on my Korg MS2000 and the frequencies I am creating are very ear sensitive. When i record them to my PC using Audacity / Soundblaster Audigy 5, I lose the sound details i can hear with the headphones directly on the Korg. Totally ruins my vision of what im trying to create. I was reading I may possibly need a DI device to front end the Korg? Most of them seem to use XLR mic cables but i am coming into the SB directly using RCA cables.

How to reduce loud background noise when recording with Audacity

Hello. I just bought/set up my MXL 990 Condenser mic, and noticed I was getting static noise while listening to the playback after recording on Audacity. I've searched up this problem but found no solutions so far. I thought maybe it was my space being too noisy, so I tried to make it as quiet as I could. It made it slightly better (I think), but I'm still getting the same static noise in the background. Does anyone know how I may fix this?

I'm using:

MXL 990 Condenser Microphone
Behringer U-Phoria UM2 Audio Interface

HELP ! "BIG TIME PRO" can't figure out how to punch in/out w/ Audacity

so i'm at home with my 10 year old laptop .. (Gateway Celeron M running Linux's newer version, although i like the previous edition better) and it has Audacity on it ... ok seems like an reasonable program for playing around ... i probably would want something better for real work but hey it's free and it works (sort of) on this old slow pos i have. so i am playing around, figured out the routing and i have the mic input routed through the sound card in the computer ...

Podcasting help - Audacity only recording half the conversation

A buddy of mine and I started a podcast last year with one usb mic and Audacity...had a blast. We know nothing about audio.

Year #2..

We have a Behringer 1204 USB mixer and a JK Audio Telephone Hybrid and want to take calls. We are also looking to connect phone/iPod to play sound effects, etc

  • We have 2 XLR mics in channel 1 and 2.


hi all!

been using sonar le for a while, finding it very frustrating.

so my question to you guys is:

if im looking for a software to record and mix and edit etc on a high professional level, but without any midi or synth or anything (all audio), do i really have to get a software like sonar or cubase or something, or could i get the same results with audacity?

Annoying software problem. (Sonar, Audacity)

Hi, I was hoping someone could help me figure this out. I have an m-audio 2496 that I have used before without problems. I built a new computer and transferred the card to it about 3 months ago. I just tried to start recording again using Sonar, but now every time I record something it has this strange bump/warble sound to it.