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avalon m5

AVALON M5 w/Jensen Transformers

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21 years 2 months
Anyone ever compare the stock M5 with the one outfitted with Jensen Transformers? I used to have one of the latter, but it got completely destroyed. I recently got a standard one (without the Jensen transformers) and I can't help but feeling the like the jensen model sounded a bit brighter and bigger. Also, how much does it cost to get a standard m5 outfitted to include the jensens?


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21 years 2 months
What I have:
Korg Triton Extreme 88
Event ASP8
Neumann 103
Athlon 3200, and a 3700 with 1 gig and 2 gig systems

What I need:
To record my wife, and also record (pass through) the spidif from triton to DAW

Below are my choices and my understanding of different things from what I have read. Please let me know if my understanding is correct or if there are other issues I need to be aware of...


a quick review of these Avalon M5, RME 800, AT4050 please

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17 years 3 months
I already have the 4050 but am looking at getting the other 2, they are the edge of my prioce range 3K so icannot go any higher.

however i only really need 2 inputs (stereo from my triton) to go into my MAC/cubase

these were recommended to me from my sweetwater rep

I have to sell my 2480 and 410 to afford it and hate giving those up, but i have made the decision to commit to my MAC investment and stop futzing between my 2 recording set ups