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avid technology


Avid Technology is an American technology and multimedia company based in Burlington, Massachusetts, and founded in August 1987 by Bill Warner

Using Scarlett 18i20 to create monitor paths

Dear Community,

I'd like to get the input of someone who has used Scarlett Mix Control on a 2nd Gen. Scarlett 18i20 to create monitor paths with the various analog outputs.

I am currently seeking help from experts about audio interfaces and monitors. I work at a music studio that specializes in Hip Hop music.

Avid Omni as Windows audio device

I have an Avid Omni connected to a Windows 10 computer via a Digilink card. I have a Digilink license. It works fine with Pro Tools 2018.

I have a situation where I temporarily need the Omni to work as a regular Widows audio device so I can use it without using Pro Tools. I have heard that this is definitely possible but I can't figure out how to do it.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

upgrading interface - apollo 16 or Avid i/o 16x16 or 8x8x8?

hi, i'm planning on upgrading my interface and was planning on going with apollo 16 but i was reading online the sound quality is not noticeably better and for $3000 i want it to sound better than my firestudio projects.

i use logic and was wondering if maybe going Avid hardware is the way to go?

Avid HD native - $999
Avid 16x16 digital - $1999 - so about the same as the apollo 16.
or Avid 8x8x8 - $3500 - which is a little bit more but if it's worth it i'd do it to have a really good mobile rig.

Avid Artist Mix

Can i use the avid/euphonic artist mix controller without an internet connection?

I have been setting up a desktop pc/daw which ive decided to skip anything internet related and
now I'm looking for a controller surface and want to get a second hand artist mix, but they only have an ethernet port.

AVID Pro Tools 12

Avid today announced Pro Tools® 12, the next generation of the industry-standard digital audio software. Featuring new flexible licensing options, Pro Tools 12 delivers on Avid's commitment to customer choice, a key element of Avid Everywhere™. The company also announced new innovations to support artist collaboration and content distribution with Avid Cloud Collaboration and new services in the Avid Marketplace.

Avid HD I/O 16X16 Digital, whats it good for?

I don't use Avid so I am somewhat clueless to their current integration with other systems . What is the difference between the Analog and Digital versions? No analog ins?

I have been offered an
Avid HD I/O 16X16 Digital in trade. Apparently brand new.

I am planning to sell this to some LUCKY Avid user (contact me).

M-Audio Avid or Blue Yeti?

I'm needing a new microphone since my old one has broke.

I've been looking at these two that are at my local stores on sale.
I do already have programs to edit the audio and fix anything (although I'm learning) (program is adobe audition)

M-audio mic:
PRICE: $80 (usually $100, so sale is $20 off)

Blue Yeti mic: [URL=]Blue Microphones | Yeti - The Ultimate Professional USB Microphone

Avid pro tools 11 HD bundle in ilok dongle

Hi i want sell stuff AVID PRO TOOLS 11 HD BUNDLE in ilok dongle. In the dongle already include 4 license. PT 10, PT 10 HD, PT 11, PT 11 HD.
You will get new ilok dongle 2nd generation. because the license can be transfer via ilok. so the ilok usb dongle will be ship via express service. the normally take 2-3 days to worldwide.
if you need a question you can PM me. price is $1000 still negoatiable.

Thanks Avid! Free Thinkers! Well Ahead of The Game!

I went to an Avid presentation for Pro Tools 11 last week. Wow. They have finally come into the 21st century. Slowly they are releasing the reigns so that the standard users can have a functional DAW. I will admit some of the new features are really nice. Multiple, simultaneous export options. Cool. Finally they've got full multicore CPU support. Awesome!


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