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60 mm fader for Yamaha 03D, 01V, ProMix 01, AW4416, AW2816 questions

A tech is currently refurbishing my Yamaha 03D console, whose ergonomics, MIDI implementation and built-in effects I love (I'm more creative with this old console, which I can play like a synth to create crazy sounds, than with newer ones).

Unfortunately, most of its faders are dead and Yamaha doesn't supply them anymore. It's almost impossible to find them new on the net, or not enough of them. If my info is correct, their part number is VZ523400, and they are exactly the same as for the 01V (original version), ProMix 01, AW4416, AW2816.

Pro Tools vs. AW4416

I'm new to Pro Tools but have used my AW4416 for some time now.

All of my recording is done at home. usually with me on all tracks.

I've read a bit about Pro Tools...

My question is two part.

If you are familiar with both Pro Tools and the 4416, what are the advantages of Pro Tools and is it worth it to move to Pro Tools and dump the 4416 (I'm not really concerned about the $ to do so)

What is the optimal set up for Pro Tools?

Thanks. Much appreciated...especially as this is my first post. :D

AW4416 or DPS16?

Hello all, I'm about to buy either the Yamaha AW4416 or the Akia DPS16.
I've been all over the place gleaning info on both and I JUST CAN'T decide! There seems to be a sort of underground thing about the DPS16 being "true" pro sound, but the AW4416 seems to have more flexibility.
For my purposes, I WILL want to use the onboard effects, but will be doing the music part by part, all separately.
Does anyone have any advice?

Best software and interface to use with aw4416 and MAC

i've decided to purchase a MAC G4 to edit my tracks from the 4416. I
was wondering what was the best software to use (ie digital
performer, Cubase vst, logic) and also the best interface between the
MOTU 2408 and the delta 1010. Is there something else out there
better to use? I've ruled out digi 001 only because i'm limited to
24 tracks. gold bundle for the pc?


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