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basement studio

Is SSl 2+ 4K Audio recording any good

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2 months

Thinking about investing on SSl 2+ for 4K audio recording need your opinion on whether or not its good enough or are there any other brand that is better at the 4K recording in reasonable price. any  help will be appreciated 

Thank you

Ps: Buying it from a store near me…

Basement studio / rehearsal room

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Hello everybody,

I'm building a house this year in Austria / Europe and planned a rehearsal/ recording room and a control room in the basement, which should be used for band rehearsal and as a semiprofessional project studio.
I already have Rod Gervais book and would like to have some input on the basic shape of the rooms before we begin with the basement, which should be in two weeks.
This is how the plan looks so far, the thick red walls are part of the primary structure and can't be moved, the thin red walls will be mounted later and can be moved slightly.

Some questions about my "basement studio"

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21 years 2 months
I have been recording for a few years now using the same stuff. The stuff I use is probably quite pathetic but my parents won't let me record more "professionally" until I head off to college. I have been using a computer microphone (which actually sounds pretty clear) to record everything: singing, guitars, etc. It is great to record vocals, acoustic instruments, and bass guitars (with or without amps) however everything else, it is a bit hard, especially electric guitars. Next, I have been recording all the sound onto my computer.

Little Basement Studio

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Hi, Right now I have a pretty decent setup. I have a rather large live room in my basment. Then there's a hall and then theres another room where my pcs at. The control room i guess itd be. In the little hall i put a room full of foam for my guitar. I no that matress foam only works with mids and highs but i dont have a prob with that i dont get no boominess. i just have it to reduce reverb and so i can turn my amp up louder. But how can it better for not much money. the live rooms made of cement blocks. and we are going to hang dry wall up in the whole basement though!

dealing with pipes in the basement studio

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21 years 2 months guys have never failed me before with your acoustical abilities. So here is what I am dealing with. my project studio is in my basement. The isolation room - is all concrete but there are a few spots where pipes come through the concrete and there are spaces that allow sound to travel from the laundry room in to the iso room. What is the best way for me to seal these piped areas. I have thought about using insulation or blankets - i just want to make sure I am safe. Safe and cheap are what i am aiming for.

Basement studio update

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21 years 2 months
Do you want to help me build up a studio? (I wanna steal your thougth!)

Rigth now i am thinking of building up a guitar rack, but i dont have a clue what to get, i currently have a pod xt live but it sounds like crap. should I run the rack system through the amp and then record with a mic or is the rack system just DI?

This is how my studio looks at the moment ( minus the two plasma screens and laptop dock i got today) .

What is basically Got rigth now is