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Big Moving Parts - My first "lockdown" production

This has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things that I’ve done musically (for myself) during this lockdown period. Larry (drummer) and I had a lot of fun recording this. The track forms part of my next solo album which I’m busy with at the moment. It was quite tricky doing all the filming and playing but I'm quite happy with the result.

Recording drums to sound big in a small room for hard rock/metal projects

I would like some feedback. I just finished an iso room in my studio to track in. I’m a drummer and I will never have the square foot or height to track ambient drums. I’m ok with that and I’m fine with adding room post tracking. I guess the biggest challenge I face is getting the drums sound big enough for hard rock/metal projects.

An Appoge Big Ben Question from a novice

Okay, I've added the big ben as the master in my clock chain all appears to be good, a/d's are clocking and all sounds fine.
So the question I have is that the blue 'narrow' led flickers periodically and not overly bright when it is stable, is this the default behavior?, I ran the led test and the led appears to be okay, The unit is well ventilated and cool to the touch..

HELP ! "BIG TIME PRO" can't figure out how to punch in/out w/ Audacity

so i'm at home with my 10 year old laptop .. (Gateway Celeron M running Linux's newer version, although i like the previous edition better) and it has Audacity on it ... ok seems like an reasonable program for playing around ... i probably would want something better for real work but hey it's free and it works (sort of) on this old slow pos i have.

What's the big deal about having a stereo set?

Hey guys. I am just a rookie producer/engineer with a small collection of mics. I mostly use my AKG C414, my MXL V69 and my AT 2020. I usually stereo mic acoustic guitars, pianos etc with my C414 and either of the other two, depending on circumstance. Producer friends are telling me that I should invest in a stereo set. But I don't get what the difference is.


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