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blue yeti

Blue Yeti recording

Hello there... first time poster here!

I have a Blue Yeti X connected up via USB to my Dell laptop. I have also connected up my Sennheiser headphones to the Yeti.

The audio through the Yeti sounds amazing, however whenever I try to either record something (using Audacity) or go on a Zoom call, the quality is very poor.

I have double checked to make sure I am using the right input in those programs.

I have also tried connecting to different USB ports, same issue.

Any ideas?

Blue Yeti Advice on a Budget?

Hi everyone! I'm very new to recording and currently have a blue yeti microphone. I record grand piano and female vocals, and I know I should probably update to an actual interface and XLR mic with two large (or small, depending on the desired result) diaphragm mics for the piano, but that would mean changing my entire setup and shelling out a lot of cash. I currently need a boom arm and shock mount for the yeti, but I'm not sure if I should spend the money since it might only be a temporary fix.

Blue Yeti - Voice is suddenly 8-bit.

It's not a joke, the title. As of this afternoon, I tried getting on a conference call with some friends and all they heard was slight, muffled mumbles from my end. When I got closer to the mic (having to remove the pop filter as well), my voice was ear rape. I looked into almost everything I could find, from replugging the mic in both sides to uninstalling the driver, which now doesn't seem to work. Earlier today I was painting my room, but I don't think that would affect it as it was far away, and I haven't really even used it since last weekend.

Blue Yeti to Asus Xonar STX

I'm using the Blue Yeti and I noticed a lot of hissing sound from the mic. I could use programs to filter it out, but I think it's better to solve the problem from the root. I have a good feeling the hissing sound is coming from feedback from the computer, it's plugged into the "crappy" RealTek one that's stock with most computers.

My brother has a Asus Xonar STX he's giving me if I could set the mic up with it, but seeing as how this mic is done through USB is there any way to hook it up to record through the STX?

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

So I bought this one for 80 USD on ebay because I wanted to get clearer sound on my recordings and I figured the wireless headset I was using would not cut it. Turns out whenever I tried to record with that one, you could hear a humming noise in the backgrounds but I can still hear it when I use this new microphone. I thought it was the room I was in so I switched to another more quiet one and it was still there. I tried to check the gain and additional decibel settings on Windows > Control Panel > Sound but it all seemed to be vain.

M-Audio Avid or Blue Yeti?

I'm needing a new microphone since my old one has broke.

I've been looking at these two that are at my local stores on sale.
I do already have programs to edit the audio and fix anything (although I'm learning) (program is adobe audition)

M-audio mic:
PRICE: $80 (usually $100, so sale is $20 off)

Blue Yeti mic: [URL=]Blue Microphones | Yeti - The Ultimate Professional USB Microphone

About to return the Blue Yeti. Need suggestions for settings (or alternate mic)

Hi all. I am really new to the world of microphones and I'm overwhelmed after reading for a few hours. I need a microphone to simply sit on my desk and record spoken voice. I also need a zero latency headphone monitor jack on the mic. Ideally this will be a mic in the $100ish price range and USB. If I have to spend more, convince me why! I still need USB, but I could use a Blue Icicle (or similar) if I end up convinced to buy an XLR mic.


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