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Builder recommendations in Eastern US-CT: vocal isolation booth, ~7'x12'

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4 years 10 months
I have an 8'x12' corner available within a larger room (with 8' ceiling) for a vocal isolation booth.

Any builder recommendations in the Eastern Connecticut area who can get it quiet in there? I'm on the fence about doing it myself - if I can avoid construction I'd like to.


Patching a phone into a Mackie board in V/O booth

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6 years 4 months
Hi, all! I'm a tech-challenged home voice-over guy. I have a Mackie board in the booth with me, but the phantom power for my mic actually comes from a separate Grace Design mic pre outside. For "old school" phone patch, is there a way to connect either a corded phone directly, or via a Gentner MicroTel box, into the Mackie mixer for two way phone conversation with a client? (Not all clients wanna go the Skype route and I'm concerned about wireless always working) Many thanks for any help. If this doesn't work, I'll buy another simple corded phone with a headset jack.

vocal booth on top of existing wood floors

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4 years 6 months

I am building a vocal booth in my apartment, on top of an existing wood finished floor that is not insulated and rather old.

I originally built a plywwood deck on top of 2X4 joists decoupled with u boats, but after reading Rod Gervais' book decided to dismantle the entire floor and just double up on the plywood.

VO booth design

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4 years 7 months
Hi y'all, I've spent a while foraging and scrounging for some ideas and methods on building a VO isolation booth and I've come up with a basic design. Considering the investment it would take I wanted to post it here so hopefully you good folks could help me catch any major design flaws. In this post I'm just focusing on the main structure and walls, there are of course many additional elements such as ventilation, lighting, equipment connections etc or any internal absorbtion materials that aren't in the diagrams.

The materials I plan to use:

Portable tracking booth

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21 years
Portable Vocal Tracking System.

I'm thinking about a portable tracking booth to take "wherever" I can for the purpose of recording the gifted solo artists around my area.
Just like many of us who can sing and play rhythm to their original songs, there are hundreds of people like this who want to record themselves (better than they can) and possibly have professionals like me and my group of international "collaborators" build songs for them.

Temporary Isolation Booth for Vocals

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9 years 9 months
Hey all,

I live in a house (separate from my studio) that I rent out with 4 other guys.
This is an old house with paper thin walls where everyone can hear everything going on throughout the house.
So needless to say there's no privacy for experimenting with recording vocals for demos so I need a cheap simple solution to isolate vocals (inside my bedroom) so I can sing in chest voice without the house hearing me.

Acoustic wall treatment or portable vocal booth (i.e. Auralex MaxWall)?

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7 years 8 months
I would like to start recording vocals (just for fun/hobby) and I want to get the best sound possible. The instrumental tracks have already been mixed, I just need to add vocals. I've read some of the threads here, and I know that preventing unwanted reflections is ONE of the key elements paramount to a good recording. The room I have is probably awful (sonically) being that one wall is almost entirely mirrored glass, but I dont I thought I'd post the dimensions and a few pics to get some advice on the best (and most cost-effective) way to get a good vocal recording.

Vocal Booth? Or is a portable Reflection Filter enough?

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21 years
Need some opinions from the pros. Just starting out and trying to decide where to put my mic. Have not tested my room yet to determine where to place. Very low budget so need a area that would work the cheapest. So should I use my small closet (smallest wall surface area to treat)? Or would I place in middle of room (fairly large room)? Or do I place mic in corner of room? Or would one of those reflection filter shield thingamajigs work fine?
Like these ones,

Headphone Amplifier for vocal booth control question.

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9 years 1 month
I did some searching around and didn't seem to find a specific post on this, or if there is, I have found it impossible to find.

Anyways, I have just spent a fortune working on a new studio. I am as much as a newbie as I can get. However, being in the studio many times with my previous band including the machine shop with producer Gene 'Machine' Freeman for a month I have seen a bunch to start building my own studio.