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Builder recommendations in Eastern US-CT: vocal isolation booth, ~7'x12'


I have an 8'x12' corner available within a larger room (with 8' ceiling) for a vocal isolation booth.

Any builder recommendations in the Eastern Connecticut area who can get it quiet in there? I'm on the fence about doing it myself - if I can avoid construction I'd like to.


Patching a phone into a Mackie board in V/O booth

Hi, all! I'm a tech-challenged home voice-over guy. I have a Mackie board in the booth with me, but the phantom power for my mic actually comes from a separate Grace Design mic preamp outside. For "old school" phone patch, is there a way to connect either a corded phone directly, or via a Gentner MicroTel box, into the Mackie mixer for two way phone conversation with a client?

Click, Listen, Demo in the new RODE SoundBooth


Tuesday November 1, 2011, Sydney Australia - RODE Microphones is extremely proud to announce the RODE Soundbooth (, an industry-first microphone demonstration application that allows users to audition a wide selection of RODE microphones, professionally recorded across a range of instruments.

Cheap, portable outdoor sound booth?

I'm looking to construct a transparent sound booth to conduct seated audio recorded interviews in public. It doesn't need to be completely soundproof, but it needs to significantly buffer sound from the street (it might not need a top) and it must be see-though so that pedestrians can watch interviews.