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building a basement studio

Front and Rear of Control Room

In 1978, when I was a grad student at North Texas, we were installing a new master control room for the College of Music. Back then, the discussion had to do with contrasting front and rear wall treatments. Our room was designed with a live front, monitors mounted on a wooden wall, with the rear wall deadened by at least three feet of soft insulation. Some designers, back then, thought you should have the opposite, speakers on a dead, no reflection, wall with a live, reflexive wall behind you.

New and building a studio, requesting advice.


I finally decided to start building a soundproof studio, but I'm not sure what I want. I'm hoping this forum is a good place to get some insight.

I'm an average, self-taught musician. I've never done any "serious" recording on my own, but a band I was in self-produced a CD. So I've had minor experience in a recording atmosphere. Mostly in my past, I've only hit the record button on a tape deck and recorded myself.

Soundproofing wood shed... worth the effort and cost?

Hi folks! New to forum here. Before I begin, please know I've searched forums & threads far and wide on the topic of soundproofing sheds but just had some questions I've never seen fully answered, as well as having bought and read the Gervais build-your-own-studio book.

I've got a 12' x 10' x 10' gable roof wooden shed, elevated a few inches off ground. I'm moving to the location where it's installed, not there currently. I'll outline my basic soundproofing plan before my questions:

New and bigger studio : one room to rule them all or two room (control + live)?


I'm currently in my basement to record my own music - solely my own music - for now and the foreseable future.

My actual room is roughly 10X16 with an 8 feet ceiling. It has a slanted ceiling over the mix area.
I treated it with OC703 and OC705 a fair amount, but not everywhere. It sounds reasonnably un-alive but not to the point of being creepy. It's good for recording dry and erasing the room but not so much for playing because I find it too dry sounding.

Home Studio - Financial Questions

I'm thinking about turning my basement into a recording studio. My friend is an audio engineer, and I'm a musician. He can supply the recording gear and do the recording, and I can supply the instruments and act as a session musician. My thoughts so far in terms of how money would be split are as follows:

- He pays me monthly rent for the space
- He keeps the profit from each session, minus whatever he'd pay me for session work.

Quick Room Construction Question - Exterior Wall Mass

Thanks to all on this forum for providing advice and expertise! I've read "Home Recording Studio Build It Like the Pros" a couple times now and I'm moving along with plans for a small room in a detached garage. I'm at the point that I have one immediate question about exterior wall mass, and I would of course appreciate any comments or suggestions. I will attach some 2D CAD drawings (I'm using LibreCad) and I hope everything will be clear. Here's the background...



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