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buying a recording computer

Which mixer to use with SP404 for beat making setup


could anyone point me in the direction of the type of mixer I should use with an SP404 for a beatmaking/recording set up. I am after something reasonably cheap, doesn’t need heaps of inputs. 

I’m hoping to be able to use the mixer to record/mix a few more Mics into the SP404s mic in. I’m hoping to use this to have a few mics on the drums

I’m hoping to be able to use the mixer without any laptops etc


I’m not even sure if this is possible, thanks al for your help! 



Buying computer components on E--B-a-y

Ok I have been browsing E-b-a-y to look at prices for some items to put together a new computer system that will be used as a home audio unit. I have seen some really good prices but am still weary about buying anything like this on that site. For starters there is really no warranty of products in many regards. I have seen great deals on processors, RAM, fans, etc. Like an AMD Phenom x6 2.8ghz chip that is really a great deal. Also, found some really good priced SSD hard drives, that are 128gb drives.

Help ! Buying a computer!

Hey, I was needing some help, I'm planing on buying a new computer, the one i have just doesnt work its kinda old and it was for a long time really mistreated in every way :biggrin:

first i wanted some personal opinions about a notebook or a normal pc,
maybe some basic specifications i should be specially aware of,
and nothing more, just the basics.
it would be used to record and mix, id like to be able to work without worrying about my computer dying or suddenly stopping.

sorry for my english !

Buying a computer, need some advice

I'm a singer/songwriter whose looking to do some cheap recording (I know, I'm such a rare breed).
I've got the M-audio fast track USB interface, the accompanying Session software, a Sennheiser e835 (I think), and am about to get a Studio Projects B1.

My computer, however, just died on me. My old laptop, a 4-year-old Vaio, never really ran right and would crash if I tried to work with more than a couple layered tracks. I'm buying a new computer and want to make sure this one will work effectively.

Buying a DAW computer

After trawling the net to find a suitable daw computer I have come across a number of so called specialist daw computers at 3 times the price of a normal computer.

I have studied some aspects i.e. silent factors and what I need for proccessing speed and power etc.

I believe if you build yourself or can find someone to do it for you on the cheap you can save bags of money and that these so called daw computers are a rip off.

Here are specs of one I intend to build please let me know if any of these items are not for a daw system?

buying a computer for recording

Hello, thanks for your time. Does anyone know of a good company I can buy a computer for audio from...

I have a mouse, keyboard, monitor, ext.already. I am going to use the digi 002 rack

I can get a g4 tower, around 700 mb ram, single processor 1.24 and CDr for around $1200
but, if I can get a smokin PC for around the same or less already built. . that would be good to. any legit companys that have some options for that set up? thanks a bunch!



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