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RME forced to use other chips for the foreseeable future

Global chip crisis with extreme never before encountered production and distribution challenges.

Apart from that, at the end of 2020 a fire destroyed AKM's production facilities for AD and DA converter chips. A resumption of production and thus availability of these components is not expected before 2022. Therefore, many manufacturers - like RME - are forced to either discontinue products based on AKM chips, or to use other chips for the foreseeable future.

DSP chips vs. CPU

@kmetal @pcrecord et al


I figured I'd start this, hopefully in the right place. At this point we have totally confused poor Jonathon and cast doubts on his choice :).

Anyhow, as I said, I am NOT an expert. I do know some things I have discovered through learning hands on, and off others.

Here is part of a discussion over on UAD Forums, for and against the comparison. Post 11 by slamthecrank covers the reality eloquently :).

AMD Set to Launch 2nd-Gen Ryzen Chips, and X470 chipset (4/19/18)


Awsome! backwards compatible, and a little faster. Ive been nearly ready to puul the trigger on a fgirst gen ryzen 1700 (8core / 16 Thread) chip, since the $230 price point is irresistible. i may have to resist, until the smoke clears on the new chips, perhaps i can save some $ or gain some sppppeeeeeeedddd.

A11 Bionic Chip in iPhone 8 and iPhone X on Par With 13-Inch MacBook Pro, Outperforms iPad Pro

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X are equipped with a six-core A11 chip, which Apple says brings some major improvements over the A10 chip in the iPhone 7. The chip features two performance cores and four efficiency cores.

Early Geekbench scores for iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices suggest that not only does the new A11 significantly outperform the A10, it beats the A10X Fusion in the iPad Pro and it is on par with the chips in Apple's latest 13-inch MacBook Pro models.

Which 'I chip' and which motherboard?


I am going to be buying or building a new pc for audio production at home. It will mainly be used for a couple of tracks and some midi lines. Obviously I need a bit of firepower to run all the plugins.

My question or questions are?

How much difference is there between an i3, i5 or i7. Will the jump give me a noticeably better peformance?
If I go for an i5 for example, does this mean that at some point in the future when I have more cash I could update it to the i7?

New IC chip in AT3035

i was talking to a dude the other day that was telling me if the IC chip was replaced in my AT 3035, it'd only cost a few bucks for the new chip, and it'd be easy to to. Benfits he said, would be lower noise floor, and increased headroom. We didn't get into specifics but basically he said the chip that comes stock is about 10cents to buy, and an improved chip would come around for $3-$4, max being around $10. Said it's an easy upgrade as long as the polarity wasn't reversed upon the replacement.
Does this sound resonable?


I am researching (& about to buy) a laptop. For MY purposes, I question whether it is really important to have this famous TI chip set you all talk about. Can you comment? Allow me to explain my situation...

Since I already have a desktop DAW (and prefer that over using a laptop), my new laptop purchase will mainly be for use other than DAW use. However, I thought it might be wise to buy a machine with DAW specs (just in case I ever needed to use the laptop for an occasional fling field-recording of some kind.



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