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Digi 003 Controller- Issues with power sequence- Too Many Relay Clicks

This baby came in for a little inspection this week. The owner was worried that it was a ticking time bomb, as the start sequence would randomly take longer some days and not others. He mentioned, when cold, the unit could take 7-to 15 relay clicks to start. When warm and operating normally he would hear 3-5 relay clicks.

I was able to experiences this extended start up the first time I turned it on, I counted 7 clicks, but it did start. I turned it off and back on, and it took three clicks to boot.

I took it apart, and have to say it is a pretty well thought out design. Clearly significant thought went into the manufacturability and repair of the unit. Someone had already been inside, as I found a broken screw and several stripped machine screws.

Inside this is what I saw:

Lots of ribbons and tight interconnection wiring. The clicks were coming from two relay control boards.
I could not tell exactly what relays were clicking in by ear, but certainly the wiring was tight.

I removed the ribbons one by one and inspected the pins, no really signs of oxidation or corrosion. I reseated them a few times. I restarted the unit cold and no real change, it still started slow.

I then removed the cable interconnects and inspected the connectors, nothing clearly visible. I reseated the connectors a few times. And retried the unit. 4 clicks to start...hum maybe it was warm. I let it cool down a bit. My garage is not heated so 15 mins later I tried it, 4 clicks again. Could that be all it was?

I am not sure if that is truly all it was, but I put it back together. And will try again today...

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Clicking While Recording Every Two Minutes

Hi, I record Let's play commentary for a youtube channel. I use Audacity to record my voice and until recently, I have never experienced a single problem.

I recently bought a new computer, a HP Pavilion with 8GB RAM, and several sets of storage space, running Windows 10. I got all my recording software up; OBS for game capture, Logitech Quickcam for the face cam, and a Blue ICE Snowball mic recording on Audacity for the commentary; and started to go.

Now I'm editing the footage, and I'm noticing that there are a few seconds of audio popping or clicking occasionally, littered throughout the recording. It's invisible when looking at the waveform; no peaks, gaps, spikes, or other signs of distortion; but it's definitely noticeable when listening to the playback, and distorts the sound quite unquestionably. The clicking can be heard even when no sound is made, but is exacerbated by any kind of sound.

I experimented with recording with only Audacity, and found that the clicks occur consistently around the 1:58 - 1:58 mark, and reoccur every two minutes or so. This regularity is consistent when after restarting the machine, unplugging and replugging the mic, using alternative USB ports, having the mic as the only USB to plug into the machine, swapping USB cables, moving the mic do a different place, putting the mic at the lower sensitivity setting, and unplugging the AC adaptor.

The clicking occurs when recording through the Snowball using Logitech Quickcam, so I don't think Audacity is to blame, and I can confirm that the mic records just as well as it used to on my older computer (3.4 year old Windows 7 Sony Vaio), so I don't blame the mic either.

I checked recording using the Logitech Cam mic and the laptop's inbuilt mic and have not encountered this problem, it seems to only happen when using the blue mic.

I have tried changing some settings in Audacity, such as increasing buffer time to 1000 ms, but to no avail. I've included two mp3s in which you can hear the distortion. Both of them are snippets cut around the 1:57 mark. The timing is so consistent that I can predict quite accurately when the popping will start and end.

I have never encountered a problem like this before, and any attempt to remove the distortion digitally results in more damage done to the audio and no real effect on the distortion itself.

If anyone has any suggestions, advice, or even an explanation as to what might be going on, please let me know as I'm rapidly running out of ideas.

Thank you



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Greetings and a question about clicking

Greetings all. Found this site via Google search.

I am based in Atlanta, GA. I have been playing guitar for approximately 26 years, a former US Army vet, and try to dabble in a little of everything. Otherwise, just chill most of the time.

I am new to PC based recording. My setup is as follows

Laptop w/ 4GB RAM, core 2 duo 2.6GHz (i think), Saffire Pro 40, Sonar X1 64bit, Win 7 64bit. When I record with this, I'm getting a weird "clicking" sound. I have posted this on other boards, and am trying some of those suggestions to no avail, but wanted some fresh ears on this. Per their suggestions, I've made sure all extra processes are off, internet is unplugged, wi-fi off, virus scanner/malware scanner disabled. This is what I'm getting:

http://soundcloud.c…"]Annoying Clicking 2 by ghostred7 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]="http://soundcloud.c…"]Annoying Clicking 2 by ghostred7 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]

I am getting this on both 48k/24bit and 96k/24bit (both on WDM). I have not tried using ASIO on this. My laptop plugs into the Saffire from the small firewire connection (into the bigger one on the Saffire). My band wants to record soon and really would like this ironed out if possible. Worse case scenario, I drag my desktop to where we jam and try again. but would like to see if i need to get a new laptop or if there's something I'm just missing.

Periodic Clicking Noise Removal(fMRI)

I'm currently working on a project in which I'm trying to separate a much louder and rapid periodic clicking tone from a barely audible recording of a voice. I know I'm in need of some high end software, and I've just started playing around with Izotope's RX in order to get the job done, however, it seems near impossible with the settings I have to work with. Are there any recommended tips/tricks you would recommend? Any good software worth checking out?

I should probably mention that I've already tried the brute force method of defining the peaks of this clicking and subtracting it from the whole audio file (in Audacity) but that was no use. Also, in case you were wondering, the project is the isolation of speech in an fMRI setting, so imagine trying to separate a noise like this…"]What does an MRI scan sound like? - YouTube[/]="…"]What does an MRI scan sound like? - YouTube[/] from barely audible speech within the same .wav file.

popping/clicking on bass track akai sampler

Can somebody else with an akai sampler (s950) please tell me why I am getting popping and clicking sounds when I assign my bass sound to an individual output? I tried adjusting the key filters and other settings on the envelope but no luck. It's really holding back my progress. I thought it was my recorder but turns out its not. Thanks in advance for the input.

Clicking Sounds in otherwise clean recording - mic issue?


Thanks to anyone reading this, and to anyone who can give me a lead on a solution. Cheers!

Here's a link to a sample of the file:…"]Sound - YouTube[/]="…"]Sound - YouTube[/]

As you can hear, there are little clicks/ticks at random that I'm unable to remove. I've got a RODE NT2 (about 4 years old) in a sound proof booth, a good cable, a simple "ARTcessories" preamp running a USB into a 27" iMac and using Adobe Audition CS5.

I don't seem to have this problem with my voice (bass/baritone male), but I have run into other little issues recently. For instance, I was getting some hiss back and "fuzz" during recordings, which I was able to solve by recording in stereo, then splitting the audio channels. In that case, all the fuzz would live in the right channel, while the left channel contained the clean voice recordings.

Again, thanks to any and all who check this out and give me their two cents. Much appreciated!


Clicking sound from Eustachian Tubes in ears: How to remedy?


My Eustachian Tubes click a lot when I speak! That is, the tiny tubes that run from your mouth to your ears that make a tiny click each time they adjust air pressure (e.g. when flying, but all the time to a lesser degree).

My microphone picks up this sound something terrible. Because it occurs not only between words but also within words, and sometimes several times a second, it can't be edited out.

How can I reduce this at the source - i.e. my mouth/ears, and/or the way I use the mic - when recording speech?

Thanks :)

'clicking' noise with Logic Studio

Hey everyone, been having an issue with a on and off 'clicking' noise in Logic Studio that I've never heard before, it sounds almost like its clipping but the thing is there is no signal being recognized in Logic, when trying to record a track the sound will come through the speakers but not be recognized and when stopped there is no playback. It was working fine before and just started when i fired it up the other day. Can anyone help?

help, clicking problem!

Any one out there who knows how to get rid of clicking/static sound/setting up pc to make sure clicking does not exist. Clicking is happening; a. When I startup and windows plays it's little 4 note start up tune, much clicking goes on here( also when powering down).
b. When I record from c.d. to the computer. On playing back an m.p.3. file for the first time. If I stop and start the mp3 it seems to disappear somewhat.
c. When I record two or more tracks using PreSonus and my triton tr61 keyboard I get a kind of scratchy click at the start of playback.
Now, I have all the drivers, basics, machine set for background performance,
the computer is a intel 9550 quad core, the mainboard is a gigabyte EP45 DS3with intel p45 express chipset and texas i firewire.
Also..The PreSonus works with less clicking on my old computer, and if I plug headphones into the new compters headphone socket instead of the PreSonus headphone socket there is no clicking, all the latest drivers are installed for windows, gigabyte Cubase and PreSonus. So the sound issues are only happening when PreSonus is connected to the new computer through the main boards texas instruments chipset.
I have also set the fp10 as default for both sound playback and recording as well as midi playback. I have also tried various latency settings including high and low. The problems remain. Oh I also have asus 256mb nvidea Geforce 8400 GS silent pci graphics card and no external memory.

theres an clicking sound in the back ground when I'm recordin

its not all the time it comes and goes and it gets us off beat i tried a different program to record and it still does the clicking i was thinking maybe it was a connection by the way I'm recording with my pc which is connected to a Mackie cr1604 i tried recording on a different channel but it does the same thing