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Mix song critique

Been a while since I posted a tune. Been at it hard taking knowlege and input from past postings. I finished a record of originals. Should be on spotify and such soon

been working on some new songs

heres a depressing countryish breakup tune for you wolves to tear apart!

any input welcome

My big struggle is learning to use reverbs better.

i think you all cured my over compression habit

love using the multiband plugin on Studio One. Just presets

Ps. Im loving Studio One Pro! Getting better every day

Critique on all-digitally produced sample/idea ...

Hi all, It's been quite a while. I've been messing around with a few things and have stayed ITB ...even using all VSTI for drums, guitar, and bass. I picked up the Weiss Complete plugin package, and it has turned around my beliefs on mastering needing to be done all OTB. So far I'm not looking back either.

Beginner Acoustic Mix Critique

Hi everyone! I'm a musician hoping to put together a YouTube / stream setup hopefully soon to get some income due to COVID. Problem is, I'm new at mixing & mastering so I really need help in this area.

Is this a good sound and loudness to aI'm for? If not, please let me know where I can improve on! Thanks and very much appreciated!

Reality - Alt. Rock Song - Critique Welcome

Hi all,

Working on an Alternative Rock song idea. Here is the complete initial mix draft. Feedback welcome on what I have so far:


(Words by Jonathan Linton, Music by Jonathan Linton)

You’re mystified
Why they can’t see
Your point of view
Your reality

You’re blinded by
What you can see
You see right through
Their reality