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Spirit SX TO Delta 66 To PC.

I am looking for some expert thoughts on this one please ;-)

I am using Sonar x1 which I love by the way! and my inputs and outputs are going through a noisy soundcraft spirit sx desk-have cleaned inside but ready for the tip I think!

I am really fed up with the crackling and having to keep moving sliders back and fore to get rid of the noise!

delta 1010lt confused!

Hey all,here's my problem Ive got a delta 1010lt pci sound card, {8 mono ins and 8 mono outs},I've got a dynamic mic plugged into XLR input 1 on the delta, an Logitech x240 speakers plugged into 1/2 output on the delta,my DAW is Magix Music Studio 10 Deluxe.well here's the problem i cant seem to figure out how to pan my vocals in my mixes left or right,if i pan right the vocals just sound lower

Delta 1010lt panning

ok i bought a delta 1010 lt 8 mono ins and outs ive got a dynamic mic plugged into mic 1 of the delta and speakers plugged into 1/2 out of the delta.i want to pan my vocals to left or right on recordings but if i hard left i hear nothing hard right i can hear playback but the volume just lowers down i have no mixer or pre-amp just speakers,headphones,dynamic mic,magix music studio software,what

M audio delta help

ok i got a windows xp home edition compaq presario 32bit desktop my sequencer is magix studio 10 deluxe,An a m-audio delta 1010lt sound card,my problem is every time i here play back of my music or anything else it works fine but when i stop playback it makes an ugly distored sound an this sound only happens when i here music in my daw cuz i tried it on windows media player an it doesnt happen


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