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looking for a new audio interface / replacing a Delta66

Hi all
I am about to buy a new audio interface as I am no longer really happy with the Delta 66 + Omni I/O. Latency is the main issue.
Here's the environment I am working with:
PC running on Win 7 64 Bit, Gigabyte P55-UD3 Mainbaord, 8GB RAM, UAD2 Quad Card
Cubase 6.5, NI B4, NI Pro52, NI Guitar Rig, NI Kontakt with several Instruments (Studio Drummer, several Keys), selected microphones, guitars, basses and amps.

delta 1010lt confused!

Hey all,here's my problem Ive got a delta 1010lt pci sound card, {8 mono ins and 8 mono outs},I've got a dynamic mic plugged into XLR input 1 on the delta, an Logitech x240 speakers plugged into 1/2 output on the delta,my DAW is Magix Music Studio 10 Deluxe.well here's the problem i cant seem to figure out how to pan my vocals in my mixes left or right,if i pan right the vocals just sound lower,if i pan left i cant hear nothing.Ive even tried recording my vocals in mono then tried to pan and nothing, i even tried to record in stereo then pan and still nothing.

Delta 1010lt panning

ok i bought a delta 1010 lt 8 mono ins and outs ive got a dynamic mic plugged into mic 1 of the delta and speakers plugged into 1/2 out of the delta.i want to pan my vocals to left or right on recordings but if i hard left i hear nothing hard right i can hear playback but the volume just lowers down i have no mixer or pre-amp just speakers,headphones,dynamic mic,magix music studio software,what do i need to do or buy to pan vocals hard right or left? please be specific on what to buy? thk for help

M audio delta help

ok i got a windows xp home edition compaq presario 32bit desktop my sequencer is magix studio 10 deluxe,An a m-audio delta 1010lt sound card,my problem is every time i here play back of my music or anything else it works fine but when i stop playback it makes an ugly distored sound an this sound only happens when i here music in my daw cuz i tried it on windows media player an it doesnt happen could it be the buffers? ive messed with them but still here the cound can soumone one help thx



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