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Turn off Auto-Rewind in Digital Performer 7.24

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4 years 3 months
I use Digital Performer 7.24 for the Mac.

When I hit spacebar, the vertical line cursor stops. So I can see where I stopped and start again from that point or insert a marker.

I was looking around DP and changed the setting to automatically rewind the cursor to the beginning. That is convenient sometimes, but when I want to put in markers, I cannot find the place where the marker goes.

How do I cancel the auto-rewind setting? I want the cursor to stop when I hit the space bar.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Digital Performer 7.2 crashing

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12 years 4 months
Hey all,
I've been using DP 7.2, on a mac g5. when i do the sequence of 'undo' then 'rewind' using the number pads' "7", the program crashes. we've gone back to 7.0, and that has helped, but i a avoid using this sequence, out of fear of losing another four hours work.
Our keypad button assignment is not stock, and a buddy suggested maybe it is a 'hot key'. I'm brand new to DP. Not sure what OS we're using, i'll have to check next time i get down to the studio. Any thoughts?

Running Digital Performer through Reason and back

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21 years 2 months

I was wondering if anyone knows how to work this out.. I'm currently running Reason in ReWire mode through DP. But what I want to do is use some of the signal processing that Reason has to offer, but no Reason channels appear in the outputs available for DP, only in the inputs. So, does anybody know how I would have to go about this?


Triggering Drum sounds in Digital Performer5?

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21 years 2 months
Hey Guys, I was wondering if it is possible and how to let a snare soundbite trigger a snare hit in the Model12 plug-in. I'm trying to find ways in thickening drum tracks with its corresponding MIDI track. I.e. a kick soundbite with triggering a Kick drum MIDI sample. I'm guessing it can be done with BFD, but can it be done in Digital performer with iys included plug in Model12?
I've been trying to figure it out for days. HELP!

digital performer waveforms?

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21 years 2 months
I am using digital performer 5 with a PreSonus firepod to record live direct from our sound board. I have everything set up correctly. I arm the tracks and hit record and it works - it shows the waveform as we record in real problem is when I stop the recording the waveform disappears. how do I make this waveform stay? the audio is still there but for whatever reason the waveform doesn't. Thanks for any help!

Pro Tools Digi002 or MOTU HD192 Digital performer?

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21 years 2 months
I cannot afford to get Pro Tools HD, I need at least 24 analog out in order to mix outside the box on analog mixer and using outboard gear

so my question is, is MOTU HD as good or nearly as good as PTHD? or at least is it way better thatn using a Digi002?

Thank u so much!

Digital Performer users, Please help!

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21 years 2 months
Hello My Friends,
I lost my manual during a move and I am having trouble getting a new one because my DP is registered to my former partner, who is lets say unavailble for the next 18 months... So Im hoping that someone could help me obtain a anew manual.

Thanks in advance!