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direct inject

Stereo vs. Mono Di ? Stereo bleeding ?

Hi gang,
I'm looking to step up the quality of Di I own and since like always I don't want to spend too much. I'm thinking of buying a stereo DI instead of 2 mono.
This could be the one I choose : Radial ProD2 Passive 2 Channel Direct Box
My concern is, could there be bleeding between the channels if I put 2 completely different sources instead of a stereo source ?
They advertise it as 2 ProDi in one, but before I buy, I thought to ask here...

ISA instrument input (Di) vs. external Di ?

Hi guys !
I've been asking myself this for a while. Most boutique preamps have Di inputs but I'd like to know if it would sound better to use an external Di plugged in the mic input of the same Di.

I mostly use my ISA Di for bass and sometime to for guitar direct sound (as a backup). I found the ISA to sound good, but I just not want to be missing having a better sound for a couple of hundred box...

Should I invest in a good external Di like Radial's if so which one would you recommand ?

Direct box the Reddi by A-Designs

I just got the chance to use this live . I can say that it really helps rounding out the sound for the bass . My bassist loved the tone . I have other pieces of their gear and I'm very satisfied with all of it .

Any other people had any experience with this DI or any others . Would love to know what and how other people are using them .

Next,I'm going to try my guitar through it . Can't wait

Guitar and bass > Pedal Board > DI box > Recording Interface

Hi guys, I have questions those are making me crazy.

-I have to record an electric guitar (passive pups) and a bass with passive pups too, they are gonna use pedalboard effects.
-I don't want to use Amps and Mic Techniques, and I would like to experiment a little with these Direct Boxes.(learn something new)

Direct Injection box Grounding Theory

In a properly wired DI box, the shield of the unbalanced connection is wired to pin 1 of the XLR. Since the shield is signal-bearing, this would induce a voltage over pin 1 of the XLR line. A ground lift switch breaks this connection, but why would you want it to begin with? Wouldn't you always want your ground to be at 0V, and not carry a voltage during normal operation?


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