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edirol r-09

Edirol R-09 vs. Sony PCM-M10

I've narrowed down my choices to the Edirol R-09HR and the Sony PCM-M10. Both appear to get a lot of praise, but I'd like to post a final question before I pony up the dough.

I'll be using the recorder for a fair amount of on-location interviewing, using the recorder with an external omnidirectional mic. In home, I'll run a mixer to it from multiple sources.

I get to use the R-09 at work for taping meetings, using the in-built microphones. The recorder seems suitable for simple conversations and interviews, and it seems durable enough.

M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 vs. Edirol R-09


I need to buy a portable recorder (portable = "will fit in my hand"), and the best two that I've come up with so far are the MicroTrack 24/96 and the Edirol R-09. Functionally speaking, they look pretty similar. Does anyone have any experience with either one of these recorders? Or does anyone have an alternate suggestion?