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Tascam releases entry level interfaces with 4 sample buffer capability!

Tascam has a new line of entry level interfaces with drivers that have buffers as small as 4 samples (on Windows)! This is over a USB-C connection.

This is the smallest asio buffer size i am aware of on any interface. With some RMEand Focusrite buffers around 3ms at 64 sample, are we approaching sub-milisecond lantencies over usb? This would be awsome! Ill keep my eyes open for latency specs, as i have not seem them yet.

Just thought it was an intersting innovation, and a good sign for interfaces of all ranges.

Is Motu M2 the best bang for the buck entry level interface?…

Ive attached the conversion spec.

This might be the scarlett killer! For the cost of a scarlett 2i2 the M2 is spec'd much closer to a clarett. The m2 is about 1/3 the cost of clarett.

It exceeds clarrett's DA dynamic range by 1-2 db, depending on the model, and Scarlett by 12db! On the AD side M2 falls 3-4 db short of clarett, and beats scarlett by 3-4db.

Latency specs are similar with m2 quoted at 2.5 ms with a 32 sample buffer at 96k.

Entry Level Mics for recitals/classical ?

Hi, I am always interested in recording for solo recitals / solo concerts untill recently I have the opportunity.

Usually the recording situation will be a soloist + a accompaniment.( violin + piano, clarinet + piano, french horn + piano,etc...)

As you can see the instruments range is quite large, so i need something that i versatile.

Its just a very beginner level so I might try out with a pair of mics below USD 300.

Below are some of my considerations, feel free to add more for me :

Entry level mic preamp, Mackie VLZ Pro or PreSonus?

I have a friend who has an analog 4 track and he is looking to get some pre's that operate phantom power and are a little better.

He's only recording one track at a time...

How do the PreSonus $99-130 jobbers fare compared to a Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro? Anybody been able to hear both of these. I don't know the name of the PreSonus but am pretty sure it's not the whatevers and more like the Blue Tube.

What would you recommend to him?

Thanks for your help!