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Roland TR-808 + Fairchild 670 Samples

I came across this link while perusing the interweb of some Roland TR-808 samples through a Fairchild 670.

The Fairchild is the only one in Australia located at Studios 301 in Sydney, my home town, and undoubtedly the greatest city in the world...;)

The link takes you to the Studios 301 site which has a request download link button to download the sample pack.

Fairchild 670 - history and how it works

With the advent of classic gain reduction units in software/ plugin form, I thought I would start a series of threads explaining how these original classic units worked - kind of a "what makes them tick" series of threads, for those who are using emulations from companies like UAD, T-Racks/IK Multimedia, Waves, Bomb Factory, Steinberg, etc.

Thank you

So, a choir has just arrived from Bentonville, Arkansas, to our church. I went along tonight and the place was filled with flight cases.

I swear I could've jumped through the roof with joy, I honestly cannot believe that 12 flight cases of audio gear are sitting alongside our tiny little setup of err, a Phonic mixer and some PG58s.

UAD Fairchild 670

Well being that I'm a Pro Tools HD user I'm not going to see that plug untill its released as the TDM version, so has anyone used this for the UAD, really anxious to hear how it sounds or perhaps even a short audio clip of a processed and unprocesed clip. Also another on the waiting list. have anyone used the cambridge
EQ yet any comments on it?

pics of Fairchild 670?

Hello hello are there any Fairchild 670 owners out there? I am looking on a small but legible picture showing the lateral/vertical controls for a paper I am writing on the history of mastering - due in like ten days :( Can anyone help me?
Also I haven't discovered when these machines were first being built.
thanks a million!