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Plugin for Volume And Frequency Needed

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6 years 5 months
Hi guys , I'm looking for a plugin to use as an instrument tuning effect that displays the fundamental frequency for the note/pitch your playing at. Now this effect would use that number to control a volume knob that will turn the volume of the audio up and down in real time with the changes in the fundamental frequency. I'm not trying to create one envelope for a separate band, i'm trying to use the current fundamental frequency(like a guitar tuner displays the current frequency) to control the volume of the effected tone audio in real time.

low frequency recording help?

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21 years
I'm wondering if there's any way of recording low frequency noise, bass specifically, with a just the capabilities of a phone.

To give y'all a better idea, I've got a neighbor that sucks in all the stereotypical ways, constantly playing loud music, raucous late night gatherings, etc. What is most annoying, is the music, or more specifically, the constant thumping bass that manages to travel through the walls. Its loud enough to hear with the naked ear, but not loud enough to pick up on a mic and then play back in a recording.

High frequency warping/woosh when recording metal screaming?

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7 years 7 months
Hey all, I'm using Cubase to record from:

Shure sm7b -> XLR cable -> cloudlifter CL-1 -> XLR cable -> Scarlett 8i6 (Phantom Power On - Gain = 7) -> USB cable -> laptop.

I have both the stock pop filter on the mic itself as well as a pop filter attached to the boom stand.

I'm getting some strange wooshing feedback every time there is a new word in the verse, the best way I can describe it is that high frequency shifting noise you get when tuning a radio between stations.

Zoom H4n + MXL 603s = Low Frequency "Bumps"

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7 years 9 months
I am just getting into sound and am very much a novice. I recently purchased a Zoom H4n and a pair of MXL 603s. I'm attempting to record a choir I'm in using this gear. I've made some test recordings and have also recorded a rehearsal. In these recordings I'm noticing a low frequency bumping noise. At first I thought it might be the microphones picking up steps, but it happens when there are no steps and only seems to happen in one channel. It also sounds electrical to me and not caused by an external sound source.

Issue With High Frequency Behringer truth b1030a

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8 years 1 month
I've had these Behringer truth b1030a's for a while now and I just noticed an issue. I was listening to:

[[url=http://[/URL]="…"]The Strokes - Heart In A Cage - YouTube[/]="…"]The Strokes - Heart In A Cage - YouTube[/]

Peak at Output- a sum of frequencies? Or just the highest frequency?

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8 years 8 months
Question- Does the volume of individual frequencies cause clipping at the master bus or does a song clip because of the summed volume across the frequency spectrum?

Context- I'm trying to make my recordings as loud as possible without abusing master compression. I know that a good arrangement can make a song appear louder. So I'm trying to make sure that the music is properly balanced in the frequency spectrum in attempts to make the music appear "louder."

In other words:

Frequency sound (squealing) through mic output

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9 years 5 months

The issue I am having is that my microphone setup is outputting a squealing noise. I can describe it as a high pitched, frequency sound, that changes pitch constantly, kind of as if you were to wave both of your hands frantically in front of a Theremin. I can hear the sound when recording using adobe audition or other audio recording software, as well as when using "Ventrilo", or Skype. The pitch or prevalence of the issue seems to be random, but at times it seems to be related to how hard the computer is working on a task.

The frequency range of male and female voice

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21 years
The frequency range of male and female voice?In a song , what is the general or most common frequency range in which the voice signals lie ? i looked it up on google and all i got was some charts .i need the frequency range which has statistical proof.that could be used for experimental purposes .links to related study materials would be helpful .