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Great River MP-2NV


Based on the preamps found in old Neve 1073 modules, Great River added a twist. While the circuit is basically the same, different components were chosen for a lower noise floor, an extended frequency response and better bass clarity. While the unit sounds similar to a 1073, the user experiences a larger, more open sound field which is especially helpful if you are storing your audio in the digital domain.

Great River MP-2NV or Millennia STT-1?

Hello--I'm new to this forum and am hoping for some informed opinion on the choice of a new preamp for my home studio. My setup: Digi002 and a G5, with a Drawmer compressor and a Langevin dual mono pre. Mics include an AKG C414, an AT4050, a Neumann 184 and SM57 & 58.

I record primarily acoustic material--guitar, violin, mandolin, National steel guitar--but also electric bass and guitar and lap steel, and I use a Fantom X8 for sequencing.

Great River MP-2NV vs. MP-2MH

I am more or less sold on Great River pres and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done the a/b on the MP-2NV vs. the MP-2MH.

I am interested to record acoustic instruments, mostly bluegrass-style with ribbon and condensor mics. Mainly dobro & Weissenborn guitar, but also acoustic fingerstyle guitar and mandolin.

My current equipment is

AEA R84 ribbon mic
KSM 32
Fireface 800
Cubase SX3

API, UA210, Great River MP2NV pre's in classical music?

Hi guys, I posted this question in another forum and was directed here. I'm considering getting another pre to add to the rack. I mostly do pop, rock, hard rock, jazz, country etc but I do have a project of classical music coming up. I know the API 3124+ and UA pre's would be great for the rock stuff but how about classical? I have the MP2NV which sounds great but I need more channels. How woud the above work on say... Cello's, Grand Piano, Violin, Stereo rooms Etc.

Great River MP-2NV or Universal audio 2-610

ok Guys, the budget is now available and I need to decide which pre amps am I going to buy. Thanks to Kurt and some other uselfull members Ive practically narrowed it down to two pre apms, the Great River MP-2NV and the Universal Audio 2-610 tube pre amps. My main clients are Rock, alternative, metal and hard core bands, lots of distortion, heavy drums, screaming vocals, the works! I know the UA is a tube pre amp while the Great River isn't. You guys will be my helping hand in diciding which pre's to buy.

Great River MP-2 vs. MP-2NV?


It's new mic preamp time! I am looking for a solid state pre so I thought that I'd look into Great River because everyone seems to recommend them. My understanding is that the MP-2 is more of a direct wiring pre and that the MP-2NV is modelled after a 1073 but what does this mean to me sonically?

I am looking for a good pre to match my Neumann m147 for vocals, as well as put it to use for electric and acoustic guitars... maybe for use in drums somewhere.

Also, are two MP-1NV's the same as one MP-2NV?

Any opinions?

GREAT RIVER MP-2 or MP-2NV ? which is better

Hi i am a newbie to this site and i am getting my first setup
i am looking at the Great River mp2 and mp2nv as my mic preamp/di for my setup.

the main genres i will be using it for are R&B,Dance-uk garage,Hip-hop, some rock, but you can get a idea of the sound of these vocals. this is what i want to record which would be better .
what are the main differences with the two, apart from the vintage sound, will the mp2nv still do everything the mp2 can or is it a totally different sound.

any one got one or both?

thanks in advance

The Tale of a Plexi, a Mp-2nv, and a C42

Hello all,
I spent the better part of this afternoon trying to mic a 50 watt plexi with 25 watt greenbacks. I was shooting for a tone ala Angus Young. You know the deal, Gibson Sg--->Marshall--->Mic--->Pre--->Tape. I had the Plexi set to 3 1/2. Not that it made much difference, my ears are still bleeding and the neighbors are rioting outside my door.

Great River 2NV

I've heard so many great things about the Great River 2NV and for a while was planning on purchasing one. I'm still considering, but could anyone tell me if they've used it with sucess on acoustic guitars and how it sounds? What mic(s) did you use? SD, LD? Were they on the bright side to compliment the 2NV's darker sound? Also, any vocal mics that are a good match in general that seem to work for a lot of vocal situations? I'd rather have something that sounds pretty good on many voices than something that sounds out of this world on only a few, but crappy on everyone else.