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headphone amp

Headphone amps with audio interface capabilities? Does it exist?

I've recently moved to Mongolia and most of my gear is in Canada. I'd like to be able to do a bit of hobby recording but don't want anything too big or expensive and am wondering if there is anything on the market that has both audio interface and headphone amplifier capability in one unit. It doesn't need to be great quality as I've got good stuff in Canada I can bring next time I visit. Looking for something to tide me over basically and right now budget is tight. Right now I'm jamming with four others from work but we have no PA.

90% buzzing 10% Audio-- laptop to headphone amp -- Need help--


The Setup:
I am using a laptop for my DAW/Sound output to my Headphone distribution amp. The laptop output is a headphone output not a line-out output. My Headphone amp has a 1/4 stereo direct input and the laptop has a 1/8 output. I use a 1/8 to 1/8 cable with a 1/8 to 1/4 stereo to stereo adapter.

The Problem:
When the laptop is Plugged into the Headphone Amp I get a massive AC hum. Can hardly hear the music.


Headphone Amplifier for vocal booth control question.

I did some searching around and didn't seem to find a specific post on this, or if there is, I have found it impossible to find.

Anyways, I have just spent a fortune working on a new studio. I am as much as a newbie as I can get. However, being in the studio many times with my previous band including the machine shop with producer Gene 'Machine' Freeman for a month I have seen a bunch to start building my own studio.

Request advice on location of headphone amp and headphones in the studio.

Hi everyone.

As the assigned sound engineer for a group of friends starting a local hard rock band, we have the studio already built and most of the equipment set up in the control room, and we decided on using line outs of the amps for the guitars and bass, and the line out of the keyboards, the only live sounds being used are for mics and the drum kit, all being routed to the Behringer Eurodesk SX2442FX channel mixing board, and grouped to 4 subs:-

1 = bass, guitars
2 = drum kit
3 = vocals
4 = keyboards

Headphone Amp Distribution System

I am not sure if this belongs here… but I have just completed the design on a 8 Channel Headphone Amplifier/ Personal mixer.

The Idea is to simplify headphone mixes for your clients. You send 8 channels out of your recording setup. These would be sub mixes, stems or 8 things you like. The musician then has 8 faders and pan knobs, a master bus 3 band eq and gain controls to configure their own headphone mix.
This idea is not new, but most boxes out there requires a controller and user interface….

Importance / Difference that a headphone amp makes

I know this is a noob question, but I could not find a clearly appropriate forum to ask it...

I recently purchased some Sennheiser HD600 phones, but no amp. I am (already) amazed by the clarity of the sound--listening to some recordings of Chaka Khan singing I can actually tell her facial expression by the sound of her voice.

Looking for a decent Headphone Amp

Hi Folks...Was wondering if anyone can suggest a decent Headphone amp. Preferably at least 6 channel.

I was checking out the ART HeadAmp6Pro and was wondering if anyone has had any experience using this? If so, is it a noisy unit or is there something better in the same range? I would prefer rack mount. Its always nice to see the toys lined up in one area. lol...



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