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Zoom F2 + Sony ECM-322BMP Headworn Mic = No Audio


I have used both the supplied lav mic and Røde GO lav mics with the Zoom F2, but I get no audio using the Sony ECM-322BMP.

The Sony ECM-322BMP has a 3.5mm TRS, so similar to the lav mics, even with a locking connector similar to the supplied mic.

I wonder if it is a pinout issue, so the Tip-Ring-Sleeve is different on the Sony vs Zoom/Røde?

Lavalier for Horn Mic


This is probably a really stupid question but I'm just getting started with this and I have a pretty tight budget. I was curious as to weather I could get away with using a cheap lavalier microphone from Amazon to mic a sax, trumpet, or trombone. Could one of these mics handle this or would it overload the mic as it's not exactly made for that?

wireless mic lavalier around 1000 -1500 €


I am using 3,4 Sennheiser ew 100 g2 with sanken cos11 capsule, i want something with more powerful (more then 25 mw) and with receiver diversity, relialable and with a better sound, my budget is 1000 -1500$ i want to use it as lavalier and as tx rx to send audio from my mixer/recorder to camera.

any suggestion is welcome.

Problem recording two lavalier mics in close proximity - Help!


I'm having a serious audio recording problem using two Sennheiser MKE 2 lavalier mics in close proximity. Here's the situation. My wife and I are recording a live video broadcast. We sit directly next to each other facing a video camera. There's only about 6 inches between our chairs. I speak very loudly. She speaks very quietly. Both mics are going into a Mackie Onyx mixer.

Lavalier Microphone


A type of miniature microphone that is usually worn fastened to clothing or hung around the neck. Designed for situations where a microphone would be obtrusive, such as film sets or TV talk shows, the microphone is typically made with a steep high pass filter to reduce noise generated from the microphone moving against clothing. Also know as a clip-on or lapel microphone.