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A suggestion for all those who want to become anchors


I have done a period of live, then there is something has been bothering me, is the live process of radio problems, my microphone is a very good brand, and bought not to six months, until later I changed a line, yes a microphone line, my live sound immediately rose several steps, and now I recommend it to you:

help with microphone cables


can n e one tell me what i need to set up a sm58 microphone to acer laptop,windows 7 wat cable do i need, do i need a usb sound card to boost the audio if so do i have to get a certain one n e suggestions on the easiest option its just for singing and recording for my daughters bedroom

Microphone Cables (Length)


i'm going to be changing the location of my project studio, and this will allow for a small noise free booth with monitoring in a completely different room. it should be much more convenient and noise free.

with this new location, much longer XLR cables will be required to get signal from the microphones. so my questions are this: