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Mic preamps, eq, mics

I've been using some different combinations

Pacifica preamp thru nail compressor by a designs

Loving the punch,clarity and dimension.
Ua 710 and the hammer eq by a designs got a cool 70's vibe for sure. The hammer is very musical it allows for suttke and drastic changes without damaging the audio.

it's got some cool mojo. A lot of mood.

The 710 is not as clear but the track has some cool harmonic distortion and sits in the mix pretty well.

Any thoughts by some other members?

What have you guys been using .

Classic PULTEC PASSIVE EQS with API 2520 makeup gain stage

Particularity on the Pulse Techniques EQP 1A3 . Not interested in other clones.
I'm addicted to Pultec's this month and want to know how sweet the high end is on the SS compared to the tube version?

I know you are looking for opinions on these or have some if you are here.

I have 2 MEQ-5's tubes and love them. I use them together with the Millennia NSEQ-4. The high end on the NSEQ is crazy sweet, it is SS.
This takes care of the master bus sweetness while the MEQ's take care of mids.

Sonic foot print pre vs. eq vs. comp

hey all jw about your thoughts on where you find the most value of a sonic 'footprint' in other words, 'messing w/ the natural sound'. i feel like so many people talk about the character of pre's but eq seems over looked. i tried a bunch of pres/channel strips tonight (api512c, drawmer 1960, PreSonus eureka, calrec peq something, studio technology projects something) i'd say the sounds ranged from vintage, to full smooth, to Tascam.