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Are VCRs the World's Cheapest Hi-Fi Reel-to-Reel?

Are VCRs the World's Cheapest Hi-Fi Reel-to-Reel?

This may sound like a clickbait title to some, but how far off from the truth is it?  You may say I am stretching the definition of what defines a "Reel to Reel", but think about it for a second.  How different is a VHS tape being "spun" in your VCR than your tapes on your Tascam Half Track? I guess by that logic you can also call a cassette player a Reel to Reel....

Cubase LE5 Audio Mixdown is Half Step up from Original recording.

I'm in the mixdown phase, trying to mix my tracks down to WAV to transfer to CD. mixed my first track down, but when I listen to it, it is a half step up in key from where I originally recorded it.
I have searched the manual for anything related to pitch, song key, etc. Cannot find anything. I looked over the Cubase screen and see nothing for project key, pitch, etc.
Can anyone help me?

Hi To All / Some Questions About Mixdown

Hi to all, I'm Jak. I didn't find an appropriate section where I could introduce myself, so I'm doing it here ahaha
I'm not a mastering engineer, alas! I've just followed some courses for a fee, but I have experimented for 1 year and 2 months and now I'm here, constrained to ask help, because I can't reach my goals. I'm honest, I've tried everything.

Opinions of a DDA CS8 console for mixdown?

hello! I'll start by saying i've personally owned Soundcraft 6000, Delta, Ghost. Sounctracs Topaz, AMEK Tac Magnum, Matchless, Scorpion, Bullet. every Ramsa.
The last 4-5 years i've been in the box with PT HD4 and a UAD quad. Some really killer analog front end. I've been very happy with the results, but i miss console mixing. it's just more fun and usually yields better results.
So, i've been eyeing a DDA CS8 24 ch console in full working condition.
Does anyone here have any experience on the CS8 series. I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.

mixdown part 2

Hi all...again!

I've been working on mixing a project band this week witch inclueded 3 songs supposed to be their first demo release. Spending around 25hours on this project and I'm far from satisfied, I just can't get it right! For those who followed my first audio mixdown knows that I'm new to this and have trouble with learning from books and needs someone to show me what I do wrong. This is where you guys enter the picture! :) And all help is much appreciated!

My first audio mixdown


I've got a small recordingstudio and a friend of mine came and recorded this: http://soundcloud.c…"]Hero by Nutti_ on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]="http://soundcloud.c…"]Hero by Nutti_ on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]

It's just a mixdown and not mastered but I wanted to hear your opinions on this since it's my first mixdown for someone other than me.