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Monitoring and mixing down LIVE (NOT "Export Mixdown")...cannot do with new soundcard

Hello all.

I use Cubase 5.5.3. I've recently switched to a new soundcard, a Native Instruments "AUDIO 6".
I used to use an RME Fireface 400 but changed because I needed something I could also use when out DJing.
With my previous soundcard, I was able to mixdown previously recorded parts, LIVE, and see the levels in my live monitoring channel. For some unknown reason, I cannot do this anymore. If I record enable the channel I want to record to, I see no levels whatsoever.

Cubase LE5 Audio Mixdown is Half Step up from Original recording.

I'm in the mixdown phase, trying to mix my tracks down to WAV to transfer to CD. mixed my first track down, but when I listen to it, it is a half step up in key from where I originally recorded it.
I have searched the manual for anything related to pitch, song key, etc. Cannot find anything. I looked over the Cubase screen and see nothing for project key, pitch, etc.
Can anyone help me?

Hi To All / Some Questions About Mixdown

Hi to all, I'm Jak. I didn't find an appropriate section where I could introduce myself, so I'm doing it here ahaha
I'm not a mastering engineer, alas! I've just followed some courses for a fee, but I have experimented for 1 year and 2 months and now I'm here, constrained to ask help, because I can't reach my goals. I'm honest, I've tried everything.

Another mixdown

How about this one? Tell me what you think

Drums recorded with 2 condenser overheads set at ortf, 2 mics on snare, one condenser on hi-hat and one inside the kick. I used an fx called use space from my Tascam dp-01 and added some eq to the whole kit and a little reverb later in cubase.
Bass went straight into the DI box->compression->interface and got some eq on it.
Guitar was routed trough a zoom g7 multieffect->Di box->interface with a little eq later on and a haas effect. A little

Opinions of a DDA CS8 console for mixdown?

hello! I'll start by saying i've personally owned Soundcraft 6000, Delta, Ghost. Sounctracs Topaz, AMEK Tac Magnum, Matchless, Scorpion, Bullet. every Ramsa.
The last 4-5 years i've been in the box with PT HD4 and a UAD quad. Some really killer analog front end. I've been very happy with the results, but i miss console mixing. it's just more fun and usually yields better results.
So, i've been eyeing a DDA CS8 24 ch console in full working condition.
Does anyone here have any experience on the CS8 series. I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.

Mixdown part 3

Okey guys, a dude called me last week and wanted to record 20 song clips for himself as a troubadour. He wanted the sound to be as alike as his live performance for the audiance trough his pa system. So we did a live recording in about 2x45minutes.

This is what we used for vocals:
Shure sm58 + Beyercynamic tg-x58 with a little eq, compression, a little delay and a lot of reverb
Half acustic guitar:

mixdown part 2

Hi all...again!

I've been working on mixing a project band this week witch inclueded 3 songs supposed to be their first demo release. Spending around 25hours on this project and I'm far from satisfied, I just can't get it right! For those who followed my first audio mixdown knows that I'm new to this and have trouble with learning from books and needs someone to show me what I do wrong. This is where you guys enter the picture! :) And all help is much appreciated!

Using the PreSonus Eureka for outboard mixdown

I know it's lame, but its all I got. I'm running Cubase 5 with a Saffire Pro 10i/o (discontinued) and the Eureka. Right now I'm running channel 3 output from the Saffire into the line input of the Eureka via TRS, then line out of the Eureka into channel 1 of the Saffire. Then my brain exploded.

I know its a mono strip, but I thought I might be able to use it to output two separate instances of the recording. Could anyone walk me through it? I'm talkin baby steps here.


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