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Help ISP decimator pro rack G guitar convert to stereo mod version

hi everyone, i have an isp decimator g pro rack guitar version, for my marshall 9200, jmp1, jfx 1 configuration i would need the stereo mod version, i tried to look for used ones, but i couldn't find any. Opening the frame of my decimator I noticed that there is the possibility to convert it from guitar to stereo and vice versa. At the top left is indicated a legend of the position of the components that must be added or removed according to the version to be obtained, the problem that the values of the individual components are not described.

Tape Op SM57 Mod - Removing the transformer…

Has anyone tried this mod?

It's a simple mod - basically, you're just removing the transformer from the XLR barrel housing of the mic by boiling (yes, I said boiling) the housing of the mic ( and of course you have removed the XLR jack and the capsule from the mic first...) which softens up the glue that holds the transformer in place.

With the glue soft from the heat of boiling, you remove the transformer.

MXL V67N Mod?

I have a pair of MXL V67N Mics and I like them. .but not enough to leave them alone :) . I opened one up:

-The electronics are mostly surface components
- There is a transformer (of course)
- the Capacitor off the capsule looks good
- A "larger" electrolytic capacitor; a 47uf 100v nichicon
- A 'smaller" electrolytic capacitor 47uf 63v no sure the brand the cap is blue and the logo is a circle around an "M"
- A ceramic capacitor; I have not idea about values brand etc.

SM7B r77 mod or e100s for soft voice

i have three choices
i need a new vocal mic
just all around vocal mic, form a to z

my choices are:

1. mod my r77 that i already have
2. get a sm7b
3. or get a cad e100s

now with the r77 that i already have, i think it sounds alright but I'm pretty sure a mod would make it sound better, i am using a fethead booster to use it with my onboard phantom power, so i could mod the r77 and maybe or maybe not get a better preamp

Big Muff π Mod Thread (With Clips)

I am posting this for those of us here who are fans of fuzz, Muff, and/or doom metal guitar sounds. I myself love fuzz, but I've always found the new Big Muffs to be a bit weak sounding to say the least. I have grown fond of modifying them back closer to a more 'vintage' Big Muff style sound, while putting my own spin on it. For anyone who has played one and hasn't liked it or was disappointed, there is lots of tweaking power available here as you will see in my clips.


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