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DN27A in for Modifications...

6 Klark Tecknik DN27A in for work. Its amazing to me the changes over the years. 2 units have input transformers and output transformers. The two will transformers will get a electrolytic cap change and general inspection. Of the four remaining, the most similar two will get Jensen input and output transformers, cap change and inspection.

Soundcraft 200B preamp modifications

Hello all,

I have recently acquired a 24CH, 200B, with the two sweeping mid EQ's.(for $300 I got the mixer and a bunch of other gear). There is no hum in the power supply or the board, no scratchy pots or sliders, and everything seems to work well. I want to use it for recording, using a line off the INSERT jack to LINE IN on my converter.

I have 4 specific questions.

Physical Mods to mk219's

Just snagged a pair of them. Does anyone know what the REAL mods are used to get these to sound better? I've already ripped off the basket-grille and reduced the mesh to single-ply... Does anyone have that magazine issue laying around or anything? I went to but the owner wisely doesn't share his component-level secrets with the world.

modifications for Soundcraft Ghost

Hi guys,

I have Soundcraft Ghost in my studio.I want to upgrade my sound, for this i am going to buy AMEK 9098 Eq (mic preamp as front end for my DAW & eq for vocals in the mix). I record mostly acoustic instruments for that I need some more eqs. I want to know whether it is possible to improve the eq section of Ghost or the modification are only for micpre section.

Has anyone heard pat morford's mic preamp?


I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this mic preamp. I called him asking if he had any quad eight mic preamps and he claims that his mic preamp kit is better than the quad eights, neve, telefunken. I was just wondering if anybody has ever heard it. And if they have, is it true, or is that a bogus statement?