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Help ISP decimator pro rack G guitar convert to stereo mod version

hi everyone, i have an isp decimator g pro rack guitar version, for my marshall 9200, jmp1, jfx 1 configuration i would need the stereo mod version, i tried to look for used ones, but i couldn't find any. Opening the frame of my decimator I noticed that there is the possibility to convert it from guitar to stereo and vice versa. At the top left is indicated a legend of the position of the components that must be added or removed according to the version to be obtained, the problem that the values of the individual components are not described.

DN27A in for Modifications...

6 Klark Tecknik DN27A in for work. Its amazing to me the changes over the years. 2 units have input transformers and output transformers. The two will transformers will get a electrolytic cap change and general inspection. Of the four remaining, the most similar two will get Jensen input and output transformers, cap change and inspection. One unit had permanent power cord modification, that is going to get changed back to the original style power connector.

1612 Tubes for vari-mu compressor

So I was so interested in the 1612 Tubes I got to play with... I started a hybrid design. The concept is a vari-mu style compressor using the 1612 as the front end after a Jensen XFMR. I am thinking of then running LA2 style buffer and driver amplifier into a Jensen output XFMR. But the side chain will be solid state and use either a LOG amp or a THAT audio engine.. Sort of a complex blend of 50's tech with more modern tech...
The panel below is the feature set that I would want...I interested to hear your thoughts or wants for a compressor like this...

Trident 65 series modifications

I'd really appreciate recommendations on modifying a trident 65 series power supply
plus any recommendations on replacing op amps or power capacitors if someone actually had 'em done and experienced improvements on the sound. My tech is very good with anything on his field, with is fixing any sort of electronic equipment, but has no recommendations to make, in this case. Thanks

Modifying Blue 8Ball LDC?

I have a blue 8 Ball LDC mic that cost me nothing and that I’m not very keen on. I recorded with it a couple of times on vox, snare and washtub bass I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t completely useless but compared to the mics I have which aren’t multi thousand dollar mics by any means, more like 200-400$ for the main 4-5 I use and then from 120$-and under for the SM57’s and a couple of SDC’s.

Soundcraft 200B preamp modifications

Hello all,

I have recently acquired a 24CH, 200B, with the two sweeping mid EQ's.(for $300 I got the mixer and a bunch of other gear). There is no hum in the power supply or the board, no scratchy pots or sliders, and everything seems to work well. I want to use it for recording, using a line off the INSERT jack to LINE IN on my converter.

I have 4 specific questions.

If I were to take it to my local equipment genius and ask him to upgrade 2 or 4 channels:


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