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MotU 2408

Motu 2408 MKII issue

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6 years 1 month
He'll everybody just joined and have a Motu issue.
Using Reaper,Win 7 homebuilt I7, 8 gigs ramm, motu 2408 with updated 424 card, using analog inputs for guitars and bass and Presonus d8 for real drums. Everything was fine
This morning started guitar track had to go out, came back and had no sound at speaker point.
I can see playback on meters of reaper but no sound.

MOTU 2408 Mk3 + card ?

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15 years 8 months
Have a chance to grab one for real cheap including the PCI-424 card. But is it for me ?
For recording I use alot of keyboards, my bass, and occasional elect guitar tracking.
Along with a small amount of outboard reverb / delay units.
Cubase 5 PC based system.
So will I be able to plug right into it with these instruments or is an 8 preamp interface meeting more my requirements.
Under $ 200 for the unit sounds pretty good and apparently drivers are available for Win 7.

MOTU 2408/Cubase/Headphones problem

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10 years 2 months
I've been slow coming to the age of digital recording, so please assume minimum knowledge on my part, despite that I've copiously read all my manuals and watched YouTube videos 'til my brain is mush.

I've been able to record tracks, but I cannot figure out how to get sound to my headphones, so that I can monitor previous tracks in silence while recording another. This is my base set-up (before outboard stuff):

Cubase Le4 on a G4 Mac (Gigabit Ethernet Dual Core 500Mhz OSX 10.411);
MOTU 2408 Mk II, with PCI-324
KRK V6 nearfields

Help with MOTU 2408 and ADAT lightpipe

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10 years 7 months
I have a MOTU 2408 Mark 1 and 2-Adat blackface and 2-Adat XT-20s. I am trying to get the Adats into my computer but I can't seem to find a way to get Cubase or Reaper to see the optical inputs. I also don't have a manual for the 2408 and have not had any success locating one via google, yahoo, etc. Can anyone help me to get my Adat tracks into my computer digitally? I am also looking for at least 2 and up to 4 Adat 56-pin Elco to 1/4" snakes. Again no success with google, yahoo, Sweetwater, Guitar Center etc. Thx

Alesis HD24 --> MOTU 2408 --> DAW

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11 years 11 months
Hi everyone,

I am recording live gigs onto an HD24. When I monitor the tracks from the HD24 on a console, sounds great. After running through the MOTU 2408 to my DAW to edit in the PC and play them back through the console, they lose punch, clarity and sounds much muddier. Could this be an issue with the converters in my MOTU 2408 or am I missing something? I don't have the Fireport option for the HD24, so have to use the MOTU optical to xfr the tracks to PC. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?


MotU 2408 sync problems

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12 years 3 months
Hi folks, here´s a question regarding sync,

My actual setup:

PC with Gigabyte EP45-UD3R, WinXp Pro Sp2 (installed older version because I argued driver probs)
MotU PCI324 card and 2x 2408MKI connected.
Actual drivers installed, device detected, no probs.

The first 2408 syncs my Mackie D8B via the D8B´s Apogee clock card via BNC and the second 2408 says to be synced by „bus“ (I reckon by the PCI card ?). Digital connection is ADAT lightpipe to and from 2408 to and from D8B DIO-8 cards. I can only say it works as is.

2408 digital inputs

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12 years 6 months
HELP!! I just hooked up 3 adats with their optical outs into the A,B,&C banks of the 2408. I am using Samplitude and tried recording the 24 tracks but all i get is noise. The recorded audio looks as though they are the digital waveform pulses. Is this a direct transfer from the adats?? They definitely look like the square wave equivilents. Since i've only used the 2408 for analog transfer, i've never used it for optical and can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. All help is appreciated!!!

motu 2408 sync problems

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21 years
Hi Guys, I'm using 3 x MoTU 2408 with cubase vst5 on a mac g4. I'm having a problem trtansferring a track from my Fostex DAT via the optical connection through my TC finalizer then through sp/dif into the motus and then into cubase as a stereo master file, which I can cut and export to burn. I'm getting digital glitches on the transfer. I'm setting the PCI console to sync from 2408 -1 sp/dif and setting the TC Finalizer to sync from 48kHz, but no joy. I've tried to sync from PCI internal, with the TC on 48kHz but the same happens but a different digital noise is heard.

Help ! All Unbalanced Outputs Yamaha RM 2408

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21 years
I just recently bought an old Yamaha RM 2408 board that I just realized has all unbalanced outputs. I want to go to a patchbay from the board but I'm not sure if I should get tranformers for every output to switch to balanced or if it matters .

I'm eventually going into a digi 002.

There's also a patch bay built into the board with Aux sends/returns and Inserts. All unbalanced.

I need to figure all this out before I go and plop down a bunch of cash on snakes and stuff.