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multi-track cassette recorders

Portastudio 414 MKII cable

Hello. I am new to the forum and new to tape recording, too. In fact, I just purchased a Portastudio 414 MK II and am waiting for it to arrive. I will mostly fiddle around with it to make demos on its own, but once I have the basics figured out I want to know how best to connect this to my computer. I use an Apogee Duet as an interface through Garage Band (I know there are far better DAWs out there, but I am still very green when it comes to recording and Garage Band has worked ok for the basic needs I've had so far). So, my questions are:

Tascam Portastudio: Your Opinion and/or Experience

Hi, I'm brand new on this board and just found it through a Google search.

I'm new to home recording, so just dipping my toe in. It looks like I can get a used Tascam Portastudio DP-02 for around $100.00 on CL or eBay.

I'm not an electric guitar player -- in fact, I don't even own one -- but I do own nine acoustics, including a Gibson and a Martin, and three mandolins. I've begun writing songs in my head, and I need something to capture the melody, since I don't read or write music.

Tascam portastudio 424 mk11 into Pro Tools?

Hey everyone, I am a newbie here, and also a freshman interms of my audio experience.

I just wanted to see if anyone else out there has ever sort of hooked up their vintage tape/analog set up and worked within Pro Tools, and sort of did a mesh between analog and Pro Tools editing?

I just wanted to see if you had any tips or tricks.

Right now I am working on connecting my Tascam 4 track into the pro tools interface to see what I can transfer/work with from it. Or if its possible to record direct from the analog sound into digital?

Advice needed for 24 track portastudios

Hello all my first post here :D Im new to recordings though i have used pro studios many times for the bands that i have played in myself, i no longer have the time to travel to studios but still want to record new material, i would like to produce something of a decent standard if at all possible using a portastudio ! are there any machines worth buying ? i have a budget of approx £500 to £600 ( British pounds ) one item did catch my eye " Tascam 2488 neo " !
Angel :)

Portastudio - can it do this?


I've got some little questions about the Tascam Portastudio.
At the moment, I'm thinking about getting one, maybe the 414 MkII, since it's pretty affordable.

But I'd like to know the following things:

1) When I record the 4 tracks to the cassette, how does it use the Equalizer and Volume settings? Does it only record the bare tracks, as if the EQ and Volume hadn't been touched, meaning that the settings only affect playback, or does the sound actually get on tape with EQ and Volume "applied"?

portastudio or?

Hi, I'm new to this. Am a songwriter, musician, singer. Am considering investing in a dp01fxCD, the Tascam. Looks like a lot of wam for the wampum (around $450). Only thing, I hate the "only record two tracks at a time" part. Cant even record 2 guitars and vocal live (on seperate tracks). Is there any option short of the Tascam twenty four track thing? Any thoghts would be greatly appreciated.

Tascam Portastudio 424

Hi guys,

I'm a beginner and do most of my recordings on a software platform (Nuendo) as opposed to hardware (have a mAudio 2496 and a mic preamp with a couple of decent mics)...recently went to a "Going Out Of Business" sale at a studio near my place and picked up a Tascam Portastudio 424 mkII for $100...

has anyone used this product before? can i integrate this with my Nuendo?...any way for me to improve my recordings now that i have this?

please advise...