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music contracts

New Music Producer Contracts Question

Hey Guys! I recently started producing music for a couple artists and am wondering what the best way to go about getting contracts is.
As well as producing the music for the artists, I am also going to be producing music videos for them and will be managing them also. Do I need 3 separate contracts for this? Also, the artists are under the age of 18. Does it complicate things with them being minor do to them not being able to sign the contract? Do I get their parents to sign their contracts? But what is to stop the contract from being void when they turn 18?

examples of contracts for musicians, producers, work for hire

Made this from a lot samples, is this all the info I would need for a "work for hire" contract also known as "no producer royalty, no song rights"? If you think I should add anything, please LMK.


The following shall constitute any Agreement (“Agreement) on this the ________ day of
__________________, 200___ between ___________________________ (“Employer”)
and _________________________ (“Producer”) for Producer’s services as a producer of
master recordings to be owned by Employer. The terms of this Agreement are as follows: