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Optimize Cubase (avoid cracks and pops)/ increase Buffer?

Hi there,

-Tascam 16x08 Interface
-Laptop: Acer Aspire 3 a315 53 35 fq, 4GB RAM, dual core

I recently had a problem with cracks and pops in my audio during recording and playing back. What I did according do help from friends and forums :

-Used the Tascam dsp mixer for monitoring instead of Cubase to save processing power

Sennheiser ME66 Popping During Takes

Hey everyone,

So I recently ran into a serious issue while on a location shoot.

I've never had any signal issues with any of my mics before, but for some reason, I've been getting a strange, periodic popping sound on my ME66. I have it plugged into channel one of my Tascam DR-680 and the other channels are usually taken up by my Sennheiser G3s.

Laptop recording strange popping issues

I acquired about a 5yr old laptop that I have fresh installed win7x86, removed all non-essential services and optimized the computer. I installed reaper and adobe audition on it.Issue: Using a Fast Track pro to record some guitar I got popping noises. Not standard crackling you get from latency but almost static like bursts of different loudness. Almost like a geiger counter but the bursts are more scratchy/noisy.In reaper the noise was showing on on the ouput level. The Fast track worked fine in other laptops(even much older ones). Recording does not record the pops.

PreSonus 22vsl audiobox crackling and popping with midi

it was always crackling and popping, then i went through PreSonus's optimization for windows 7 page and it seemed to fix the problem, except when i try using midi (my whole reason for buying the product... sigh..)
i thought it was just ableton, so i reinstalled, problem persists, then i tried it with Samplitude... problem seemed ok, but now i realized its still crackling/ popping just isn't as noticeable.

any recommendations?

Totally Desperate with this Recurring Problem.. Mixer and Webcam cause popping sound

Hi guys... I'm so stressed out from this problem. I keep thinking I've fixed this problem and then it comes back. I don't know what else to do and this is 3 weeks in the making now. If someone can help me with this, I will send you some money via paypal... If it can't be figured out over the forum board, then if someone in LA is a real specialist with this sort of thing, I can pay you to come out. I just don't know what else to do anymore...

Pops and Clicks?

I am the new owner of a Focusrite 18i6 and i must say it sounds great! the built in pres are clean, and the 6 external pres i got running into it are as clean as a whistle. BUT. I get intermitant pops and clicks that i just cant seem to find a reason for. Sometimes its just static at the end, but when i was recording my cover of Enter Sandman for my cousin, the floor tom track in the beginning was like popping popcorn instead of a beautiful tuned Pearl VSX floor shell. It was quite unnerving and disapointing i must say.