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Professional audio.

Pro Audio Social - Text to speech forums. Does this interest you?

The introduction of audio in social media

Our future platform will include text to speech format. Meaning, we can talk and record or text will reply comments back in speech. What are your thoughts on this? Would you use this? Would a text to speech format be helpful in pro audio forums?


Ward Beck officially closes

 Just got this in my inbox.

Hi Folks:

Super mixed emotions about the closing of the factory having lived in it for many many months.

I wish the Lyver and the Johnson and the families of all involved in Ward-Beck Systems a healthy prosperous new beginning whatever that brings. I wish you success in your new endeavors, retirement, and new opportunities.

Can I use stereo speakers with pro audio power head?

I posted in the forum before and received very helpful information so I'm going to give it another go. I have an audio rack with a mixer and other gear. My powerhead is a Peavey DPC-1000. I have a set of 3 way stereo speakers, like the kind that you would hook up to your stereo receiver for home theater. The speakers have the terminals for speaker wire connection.

Windows 10 - what version best for Pro Audio?

Okay, moved this post to start a new thread.

As of Oct 2015, Windows 10 Home version is not ideal for Pro Audio but this is also based on my needs to be off the grid as I have a studio in a remote area that is not capable of high speed internet access.