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Assistance needed with Mic to Smartphone quality

Hello again, guys. Well, I am still going back and forth with my Boya pvm1000.

I record my videos for YouTube with my smartphone. It is the LG V60. Super legit Camera and Video recordings. Even the audio is fair, but obviously, I want to use my $80 shotgun microphone from Boya to have better quality. That said, I have realized that I needed a TRS to TTRS adapter after all for the Mic to PHONE audio recordings. Bought it. The Boy a works just fine when plugged into my Focusrite 2i2 at the desk.

Audio Quality - Behringer C-3 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


I record with a Behringer C-3 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone at home. And I don't have an acoustically treated space to record in - I do the maximum amount of soundproofing I can possibly do at home.

Here's a sample of what the mixes currently sound like:


I've seen people using condenser microphones at home and getting more fuller sounds with zero background noise. Like this cover by WOTE:

Eq116 vs. ozone 9 FIR EQ vs. mAAT EQ Orange for Linear Phase Quality

I love the eq116 Linear phase mode filters but I did some research I was told that "Maat EQ Due to the double IIR Filter the lowcut becomes a Linkwitz-Riley Filter. For me and many others it’s the king of the surgical filters and it can really work miracles." really have this degree difference between eq116 and maat eq orange or Ozone 9 digital (surgicel FIR eq) ? Ozone 9 also has very clean FIR filters and the CPU uses it very well and is affordable, or eq 116 linear phase eq is very clean transparent and does not tire the CPU too much.

Does the quality of the audio interface matter if you have an external preamp?

Hello, I’m an aspiring audio engineer and I am looking to build a home studio for Rap/HipHop. I have a few questions I couldn’t really find anywhere online, the first one being that does the audio interface matter if I’m purchasing the preamp. I am aware that there are preamps built into the audio interface, but i want to achieve a cleaner and better sound by buying the pieces separately. So I’m curious if I purchase a preamp separately, does it even matter what preamp I purchase?

Magix updates & support quality and value?

Hi guys,
I thought I'd ask you veteran Samplitude/ Sequoia owners how the updates work.
Excuse me for being a bit gun-shy after the Gibson pulled the rug from CW fiasco.
I was a little confused at the website where if you had to reintall your version after the yearly
update expired you can only install the basic version. Does that mean as per the version you bought?
How are the updates downloaded. From My products or as a linkable patch?

Bluetooth earplugs quality

Hello all! Long time since my last post.

Today I would like to ask the experts if anyone had so far a good experience with bluetooth earplugs so far. I know they are not really reliable for recording due to latency but my question here is just about good quality related to listening music only, not for work, but for relaxing time. I would like to listen to music in good quality drivers, usually I listen to FLAC (Deezer is already providing this quality in their services) or 320kbps (spotify) and it would be very nice to have the best quality possible.

Recording Synth output to Audacity quality issues

Hi All, I was hoping someone could assist with this issue or direct me to a thread that already explains the issue i am having. I am modeling sounds on my Korg MS2000 and the frequencies I am creating are very ear sensitive. When i record them to my PC using Audacity / Soundblaster Audigy 5, I lose the sound details i can hear with the headphones directly on the Korg. Totally ruins my vision of what I'm trying to create. I was reading I may possibly need a DI device to front end the Korg?