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Quick Room Construction Question - Exterior Wall Mass

Thanks to all on this forum for providing advice and expertise! I've read "Home Recording Studio Build It Like the Pros" a couple times now and I'm moving along with plans for a small room in a detached garage. I'm at the point that I have one immediate question about exterior wall mass, and I would of course appreciate any comments or suggestions. I will attach some 2D CAD drawings (I'm using LibreCad) and I hope everything will be clear. Here's the background...

A Quick Note from Donny

Hi Gang.

Three nights ago, my mom was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, due to what we now know is kidney failure. On top of that, she's developed a severe abdominal hernia, and, she's been battling Alzheimer's for over 5 years now...her level of dementia is "extreme". There are momentary lucid moments, where she knows my name, my sister's name, and who we are... but they are fleeting, and most of the time, she just kinda looks "through" me, as if I wasn't even there.

Quick n' Dirty Pop Punk Mix

http://www.toddejon…"]Flabbergasted[/]="http://www.toddejon…"]Flabbergasted[/] - Trump fans may be put off by the lyrics.

I hastily threw this together, but I'm digging the vibe. Before I start ruining it through overwork, I thought I'd seek some input on the mix so far.

Particulars: It's all me. Drums are programmed via Native Instruments Studio Drummer. All else is real.


Quick Trance Track

Alright so I was getting frustration with the actual track I was working on, and decided I wanted to do something based on Resistance by Muse. So I came up with this. This is my first EVER Trance style track (So please be gentle).

Constructive criticism is always welcomed. I am using an Alesis Q49 midi controller, Nexus2, Vanguard, Massive, and Cubase to record.


Need advice on quick editing tool for mac

Hey guys, how u doin`? I`ve been working since last month, with Mayor elections around here. I edit and make the sound design for a specific candidate, and it`s all going to TV etc.

Since I record mainly bands, I use PT9, which is wonderful for my music recording needs. However, I see it doesn`t work for fast broadcast editing.

Hopefully quick and easy question to answer regarding record levels

Hello all,
As you can tell, I'm new to this site. I've been into audio and it's surrounding technology for quite a while. I'm a DJ as my second job and have done quite a few remixes, light sound reproduction, as well as my share of home recordings. So I generally know how to make things "work" but what I've never really taken the time to do is understand why they work. Which leads me to my question:

Need a guy for a quick job, googling isn't helping find "what i need"

Songs are mastered well enough, just need the songs ran through sum/difference to get rid of the conflicting low end on the "sum" track. If you know a place or guy that can accomplish this tast, it would be much appreciated. I would need to send 24bit 48khz wav files via internet to who ever will be doing the job, and then sent back in the same format. Thanks in advance.

*completed, thank you*

quick reamp question.


I want to do some reamping to experiment with tones and mic placement on my tube amp.

I've read that one can't just come out of an output of a DAW, stuff a 1/4" jack into an amp and have it work well.

Is there a way to do it without having to buy a reamp box-I'm not sure I'll ever use it once this particular set of experiments is done. If I have to buy one, then so be it.

And I do currently own a Radial JDI. I assume one can't just attach everything in the reverse to recording a guitar and have it work, or they wouldn't sell reamp boxes?



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