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Grand Pianos again - some different ideas


I've been experimenting with finding the right mics for a grand piano and before I finish the video, I thought I'd shar some of the recordings so far.

We have a G2 Yamaha Grand, and my favourites are still a pair of AKG 414s - one favouring the left hand and the other the right.

Recording Grand Piano


Here's the reposted item on how you can record grand pianos - I'll explain what made me do it. It's quite common to record what I've always called 'natural acoustic' recordings. Solo singers of all kinds, or duos, small ensembles or choirs - often in really nice venues with great acoustics and it's the sort of thing that seems to encourage stereo recording techniques.

Recording Grand Piano (Classical)

I'm in need of some advice. I've recently taken a piano faculty position at a University, and have been given quite a bit of funding to use as I see fit and I'd like to dedicate a portion of it to a decent 2-mic setup. As a preface, I would like to say that we have an excellent engineer who has a ton of experience and an awesome equipment list. He's also a very busy man, and I don't want to bother him every time I want to do a bit of recording, especially since I tend to record at odd hours. To be clear, I do have plans for a solo classical album, and I will be exclusively going through him when I record it.

Home recording for my Bluthner grand 1885

hi guyz, right now I'm using a behringer b2pro. very entry level microphone. I wanted to ask you if you had a microphone (not in pairs) to recommend for recording a grand piano at home.
the room is (4x10) and the piano is a beautiful bluthner 220 cm from 1890.
i was looking for RODE nt1 / Okm II or a Akg P420. unlikely i cant go over 200 $.

Recording grand piano live with wirless mics in Carnegie hall


Currently I am using an MXL v63m mic to record piano concerts which requires phantom power and then different connectors to my canon HF20 camera. Not much experience on micing and this is for my wife who is a classical pianist that will perform in Carnegie hall in Oct.

Recording classical grand piano with Schoeps MK21s

Hi guys,
my question is about one of the most demanding acoustic instrument for the recording engineer: classical grand piano.
I'm a pianist and I wanted to record my live recitals, so I began with RODE NT4, then Neumann KM183s and finally Schoeps CMC5 with MK21 stereo matched (I choose MK21 over MK2 because of non stellar acoustic venues where I play).

Recording grand piano in a church

I have to record my next classical solo piano recital (Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff) in a small-medium sized church, in which reverb could be a problem.
The piano will be a steinway concert grand and I have at my disposal 2 Neumann km 183 (omni) matched, 2 schoeps cmc5 mk4 (not matched) and 2 schoeps cmc5 mk 21 (not matched).

recording grand piano classical

Hello! I need help
here's my story: I have to record a young solo pianist (classical) to make a portfolio CD, the pieces are some of late Schumann's work, some Chopin etudes and some Scriabine. ( basically romantic but very virtuose with lots of dynamic)