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NT1a noise when touching it?

whenever i touch mic it has a weird ringing noise nt1a connected to a fast track solo connected to desktop pc. my mic has issues whats wrong with it. could be my setup not the mic? goes into a Avid fast track solo. Happens with speakers and tv turned of still. I had a CAD M179 a few weeks ago and it wasnt doing this. I was messing with all the pickup patterns on the mic and no ringing.

RODE LDCs: NT2A vs NT1A vs NT1000


Hi there,

The question is quite obvious from the subject of the post: I'm looking to buy my first LDC, and was wondering which of the above was best. It will be used mainly for vocals - male and female - so it will have to be quite versatile. It would be great if I could use it for other sources as well though (acoustic guitar, toms, strings).


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