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shure sm81

T47 vs. SM81 vs. KSM44 vs. T12 vs. SM57 (Acoustic guitar)

Hi guys !

Many of you know I worked on a T47 kit.
I received and built a T12 as well. Here is a video showing it with other mics on a guitar

My T12 has a very pronounced proximity effect, but I think it's a nice addition to my collection.. Still trying it on different sources ;)

Tell me what you think..

sm81 or josephson c42 ldc for acoustic guitar tracking only

sm81 or josephson c42 sdc for acoustic guitar tracking only

hey all

hope everyone is doing well in the new year. it is way too snowy here in ny.

I havent asked a question in a while so i'm looking forward to hearng from RO opinions on whats up.

i am in need of an new small diaphram condensor to replace a Shure sm81 that i sold a few months back.

Shure SM81 vs. AKG 451b

My mic closet as it stands contains : AKG Solidtube, Shure KSM32, AKG C3000b, AKG C1000s (2), Sennheiser 421 (3), Shure SM57 (2), AKG D112, Electro-Voice RE20.

I believe that the weakest link(s) in my microphone suite are the two AKG C1000s (I can almost hear the seasoned pros sitting around and one says "Did you hear the one about the guy who walked into a bar with two AKG C1000s? HA-HA-HA!). I use them mostly for overheads on my drum kit with emphasis on capturing cymbals.